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IBM Mainframe z Series SYSLOG SIEM Forwarding IBM mainframe software for z Series forwards any event log source on system pertaining to security, .. Product #: mainframe-software-syslog-siem

IBM Mainframe SYSLOG SIEM Forwarding for z Series event logs

Model Number: mainframe-software-syslog-siem
Call for Price: (888) 682-5335

IBM mainframe software for z Series forwards system, security and other event logs to SIEM, SYSLOG, ITOA, ITSI, SOC and Big Data analytics solutions in near real-time for instant integration. IBM mainframe event log forwarding z/OS sources include SMF, RMF, RACF, FTP, IMS, DB2, ACF2, TSO, CICS, USS, log4j, SYSLOG, SYSOUT, Queries, Tables, Schemas, SNMP, network flows, WebSphere, as well as performance, utilization and bottleneck data, and even third-party software logs like BMC, CA, Compuware, COBOL, REXX, Assembler applications and other z Series data sources. The IBM System z event log forwarding software makes integration fast and simple, IBM mainframe experience is not required to implement. Some of the more common tools the mainframe software forwards logs to include Splunk, QRadar, LogRythm, Hadoop, Spark, Elasticsearch and other SYSLOG and SIEM tools. The IBM mainframe software forwarding event logs from the z Series is made possible by the Ironstream engine, making integrating your z/OS logs with your SIEM, SYSLOG Server, ITOA, ITSI or SOC quick and simple.

Using the IBM mainframe software to forward z Series system and security events in real time enables security and operational intelligence for quick problem resolutions and alerts to mitigate risks, while also enabling informed business decisions by correlating the oceans of disparate z/OS data with the rest of your IT infrastructure event logs and network flows for complete visibility. Event logs forwarded from your IBM mainframe will allow you to reduce expensive z Series storage and resource costs by offloading these tasks onto a less expense platform. If IBM iSeries event log forwarding is also needed for your SIEM or SYSLOG server, a native agent with equally robust forwarding capabilities for all the AS400 data sources is also available.

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A key feature to the IBM z/OS mainframe event log forwarding software is its advanced filtering capability, which ultimately makes filtering out non-essential noise from consuming your bandwidth, storage and saving you in license or subscription costs, but most importantly, ensures only important data lands in your SIEM, SYSLOG Server, ITOA, ITSI or SOC environment. However its primary strengths is its ability to capture or extract any IBM z/OS mainframe data required, whether it is structured and unstructured, z Series logs are forwarded at high transaction volumes with very low latency and performance utilization.