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IBM Large File Sync Software Fast, scalable replication and synchronization of large files and data sets IBM Large File Sync S.. Product #: IBM Large File Sync Software

IBM Large File Sync Software

Model Number: IBM Large File Sync Software

Fast, scalable replication and synchronization of large files and data sets

IBM Large File Sync Software quickly replicates and synchronizes big data globally over WANs—even if the data consists of millions of individual files or the largest size files. With patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) transfer technology at its core, IBM Large File Sync Software achieves maximum transfer speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. IBM Large File Sync Software  is designed to handle your organization’s most file intensive data replication and synchronization needs including disaster recovery and business continuity, content distribution and collection, file archiving and storage, and system data migration.

IBM Large File Sync Software provides:

  • High-speed synchronization over global distances with FASP industry-leading performance.
  • Flexible and powerful options that support various network configurations for both one-time and continuous use.
  • Highly scalable architecture designed to handle the challenging data synchronization needs of organizations experiencing rapid growth and increased complexity.
  • Efficient file synchronization with change detection and other features that support version control, deduplication and data integrity.

    High-speed synchronization over global distances

  • Uses FASP transfer technology for maximum transfer speed regardless of file size, distance or network conditions.
  • Provides precise bandwidth control that effectively allocates bandwidth to help achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other critical network traffic.
  • Provides transfer progress and performance reports with a view of global Aspera Sync sessions and activity.
  • Enables remote synchronization monitoring available with IBM Aspera Console.
  • Delivers data reliably with technology designed to shorten replication and recovery times and accommodate for network interruptions.
  • Flexible and powerful options

  • Support one-to-one, one-to-many, and full-mesh synchronization.
  • Work with both unidirectional and bidirectional synchronization in both push mode and pull mode among peers over WANs and LANs.
  • Feature distributed event collection system for the fastest possible captures of file system changes on clusters of ingest servers and high availability deployments.
  • Support Microsoft Windows bidirectional synchronization with open files during synchronization.
  • Enable both one-time replication and continuous synchronization.
  • Highly scalable architecture

  • Provides optimized performance that supports millions of files and multi-terabyte file sets.
  • Supports concurrent synchronization session architecture.
  • Supports clustering and multi-gigabit transfer speed. 
  • Efficient file synchronization

  • Detects local changes and compares them to the file system snapshot without having to check with remote systems.
  • Offers built-in bidirectional and unidirectional mode deduplication to detect multiple copies of a file at its source. 
  • Creates links to a single copy of the file at destination—saving transfer and storage capacity.
  • Provides fast scanning to detect scan mode changes for large incremental data sets.
  • Replicates file moves and file renames on the source as moves or renames on the target.