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IBM Large File Email Software Exchange large files and directories at high speed among individuals and groups   IBM Glo.. Product #: IBM Large File Email Software

IBM Large File Email Software

Model Number: IBM Large File Email Software

Exchange large files and directories at high speed among individuals and groups


IBM Global Personal File Delivery enables global person-to-person file delivery and collaboration through an email-style application that sends and receives unlimited-size digital packages at high speed among geographically dispersed teams using a standard web browser, a desktop application, or a mobile app.

  • Maximum data transfer performance for high-speed file and directory transfers, regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions.
  • Fast, efficient collaboration solution with work-friendly features.
  • Comprehensive user management and access controls that take advantage of LDAP and provide extensive configuration options.
  • Built-in security that safeguards your digital assets with multiple layers of security.
  • Highly scalable, reliable enterprise solution featuring a concurrent architecture ready for multisite and multiserver use.
  • High-speed transfer technology

  • Transfers files and folders at high speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions.
  • Uses the entire available network bandwidth to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other critical network traffic.
  • Offers built-in security with endpoint authentication, encryption and data integrity verification.
  • Natural integration with Microsoft Outlook

  • Deploys quickly with the installation of the add-in on the client computer—no software is installed on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Enables you to send large file attachments using the standard Outlook email workflow with no additional steps required.
  • Uses Aspera faspex to send attachments greater than a configured size threshold, sparing heavy processing by the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Allows you to continue to work while large files and folders transfer unattended in the background.
  • Compatibility with other IBM Aspera solutions

  • Supports standard web-based email clients using the highly compatible, self-installing IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In that is available at no charge.
  • Allows email recipients who use Microsoft Outlook without the Aspera add-in to click a link and initiate high-speed downloads of files and folders using the Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In.
  • Enables you to configure and select from multiple faspex accounts when sending file attachments.
  • Ability to send large email attachments quickly

  • Uses Aspera faspex to avoid attachment size limits of the Microsoft Exchange Server and maintain Exchange Server performance.
  • Supports sending individual files and entire folders of practically any size, without compression.
  • Offers you the ability to specify which file types—such as large compressed files, images, or video—to send using the Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.