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AS400 Software IBM i HA High Availability Software IBM i HA High Availability software protects iSeries data from both planned and unplanned downtime, .. Product #: ibm-i-ha-software

IBM i HA High Availability Software Replication

Brand: AS400 Software
Model Number: ibm-i-ha-software

IBM i HA High Availability software eliminates downtime using real-time no lock synchronization, prevents data loss, enables quick role swaps, includes transaction integrity checking using local journaling, allows two-way replication, supports mixed IBM i OS versions and hardware configurations, and has built-in compression and encryption. The IBM i HA software is quick to setup real-time replication, has the most features available out of the box for any IBM i high availability solution, allowing customizable switch procedures that can be managed by a graphical interface or the green screen. IBM i HA uses synchronous replication built on IBM i local journaling to ensure data integrity.

Production and target HA systems can be on a different OS400 version and release, have different hardware configurations as well as different storage (internal, external, and SSD). The IBM i HA replication can be across the globe in a one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, bi-directional, daisy-chain, broadcast or LPAR-to-LPAR configurations, and can expand to multi-node environments. IBM i system replication supports any combination of on-premises, hosted, in the cloud or hybrid, and allow both SYSBAS and iASP.

Replicated data on the backup server is validated to ensure it remains in sync with the production server through scheduled audits, on-demand audits and continuous monitoring. Out-of-sync conditions are automatically and efficiently repaired without being placed on hold.

The IBM i HA software includes both a 5250 and graphical user interface to monitor and manage replication, and provides support for seven languages in the GUI. Alerts can be configured for email, MSGQ and SNMP, with a plug-in for Nagios. In the event of a planned or unplanned outage, customizable, built-in switch procedures can be run step-by-step, interactively or in batch mode. Tools are also shipped with Quick-EDD/HA to support functions such as analysis, monitoring, and specific configuration scenarios.

Key Features

  • Assures transaction integrity with IBM i local journaling
  • Scales from SMB to Enterprise workloads
  • Expands to multi-node environments
  • Offers compression and encryption
  • Provides continuous data protection for HA and DR
  • Replicates between mixed hardware, storage and IBM i OS versions
  • Minimizes bandwidth usage whether the backup server is local or remote
  • Supports a variety of configurations, including bi-directional and broadcast
  • Allows access to replicated data for business operations or IT maintenance
  • Scrubs personal data during replication with Quick-Anonymizer add-on
  • Fast synchronization for quick time to protection
  • Continuously monitors replicated data and repairs any changes
  • Scheduled or on-demand audits correct out of sync data and objects
  • Allows a switch at any time
  • Built-in switch procedures can be run step by step, interactively or in batch mode
  • Tracks jobs to enable resumption after failover
  • Supports RTO in seconds to minutes and sub-second RPO
  • Displays latency indication for RPO visibility
  • Fast installation and configuration
  • 5250 interface or graphical interface with support for seven languages
  • Shipped with tools for analysis, monitoring, specific configurations and more
  • Provides reports on environment, job logs, errors and more
  • Enables unattended monitoring with MSGQ, email and SNMP alerts – and a Nagios plug-in

IBM i HA System Requirements

  • IBM Power Systems running IBM i 6.1, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3
  • Supports on-premises, hosted or cloud configurations, including hybrid environments
  • Supports replication between storage types and OS versions
  • Supports replication between internal, external, and SSD storage
  • Supports replication of both SYSBAS and iASP data

Reasons to consider High Availability solution instead of a Disaster Recovery solution

  • Your recovery time objective is minutes, not hours.
  • Two-way replication is needed (when target system becomes production, and target needs to replicate changes to original production).
  • You realize planned down time costs the company more money than unplanned downtime.
  • Replication to and from switchable IASP.
  • Role Swaps to and from multiple systems

Optional Services

  • Installation, configuration and training
  • Various levels of managed services, includes annual role swap testing
  • Role swap preparation and testing
  • Unplanned role swap assistance
  • Adjustments and optimization
  • Software upgrades, fixes and service packs

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