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IBM IBM ESEY 283GB 15K Disk Drive SAS SFF-2 4K Block  .. Product #: ESEY-59C9-00E8681

IBM ESEY 59C9 00E8681 283GB 15K Disk Drive SAS SFF-2 4K iSeries

Brand: IBM
Model Number: ESEY-59C9-00E8681
Tags: esey , 00e8681 , 59cC9 , 00E8687
Custom Field 1 (UPC): 00E8681
Custom Field 2 (EAN): 59C9
Custom Field 3 (ISPN): ESEY
Custom Field 4 (MPN): 00E8687

IBM 59C9 00E8681 ESEY 283GB 15K Disk Drive SAS SFF-2 4K iSeries
The IBM ESEY 283GB 15K Disk Drive for iSeries IBM i Power Systems is a SAS SFF-2 4K Block on Gen-2 carrier/tray. The IBM ESEY 283GB 15K Disk Drive is supported in SFF-2 SAS bays of a IBM EXP24S drawer and reports with CCIN 59C9 and has 00E8681 part number. The IBM ESEY Disk Drive is formatted for 4224 byte sectors for iSeries systems. The IBM 59C9 00E8681 ESEY feature is identical to the IBM ELEZ 300GB 15k RPM SAS SFF-2 4K Block - 4096 Disk Drive for IBM Power Linux systems with 00E8687 part number and has the same 59C9 CCIN. If the ESEY was reformatted to 4096 byte sectors, capacity would be 300 GB.

Limitation: The ESEY cannot be used in Power8 System unit SFF Gen3-bay drawer because of physical difference of carrier/tray. The ESEY cannot be combined in the same array as a drive of the same capacity that is using different sector size.

Attributes provided: 283 GB Disk Drive - SFF-2 4K block
Attributes required: one SFF-2 drive bay
OS level required:
IBM i 7.1 TR8 and 7.2 or later supported
Refer to Software Requirements for specific O/S levels supported