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IBM IBM ES7F 775GB SFF-2 SSD  .. Product #: ES7F based on 0 reviews


Brand: IBM
Model Number: ES7F
Tags: power7 ssd , es7f , ibm ssd

Special Note: ES7E and ES7F are the same Drive, -E indicates use with AIX and -F Indicates use with IBM i Systems. 


(#ES7E) - 775GB SFF-2 SSD 5xx eMLC4 for AIX/Linux (Part Number: 00LY328)

This SFF (2.5") SAS Solid State Drive (SSD) is shipped from IBM with 775 GB capacity formatted with 5xx (528) byte sectors. The drive is supported in SFF-2 SAS bays. CCIN is 5B17

  • Limitation: Due to physical differences in the carrier/tray on which the drive is mounted, the SSD only fits in #5887 EXP24S or #ESLS EXP24SX drawers (SFF-2). It does not fit in #5802/#5803 I/O drawers (SFF-1) or in POWER7 system units (SFF-1) or POWER8/POWER9 system units (SFF-3) SAS bays. Also the drive was not tested with 512 byte sectors and thus JBOD mode for AIX/Linux is not supported. Note 4k and 5xx byte sector drives cannot be mixed in the same array. 4k drives cannot be reformatted to 5xx drives (or vice versa).
  • Attributes provided: one 775GB SFF-2 5xx SSD
  • Attributes required: one SFF-2 SAS bay
  • Minimum required: 0
  • Maximum allowed: 336 (Initial order maximum: 250)
  • OS level required:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    • Ubuntu Server
    • AIX supported
    • IBM i not supported
  • Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both
  • CSU: Yes
  • Return parts MES: No

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