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IBM IBM EJ10 PCIe3 SAS Tape Adapter Quad-port 6Gb x8  .. Product #: EJ10

IBM EJ10 PCIe3 SAS Tape/DVD Adapter Quad-port 6Gb x8 iSeries AIX Linux

Brand: IBM
Model Number: EJ10

IBM EJ10 - PCIe3 SAS Tape/DVD Adapter Quad-port 6Gb x8

The IBM EJ10 PCIe3 SAS Adapter is a high performance tape controller for IBM i, Power AIX and Linux systems that allows externally attached devices to run at a maximum data rate of 6 Gbps. The EJ10 SAS adapter supports external SAS VTL, tape dirves/libraries and removable media devices such as SAS and SATA DVD RAM drives. The EJ10 adapter provides four Mini-SAS HD (high density) connectors to which AE1 SAS cables such as ECBY and/or YE1 SAS Cables such as ECBZ with HD narrow connectors can be attached. The EJ10 supports a maximum of 4 external SAS connections using four AE1 cables, or a maximum of 8 SAS devices using four YE1 cables.
The IBM EJ10 (full high) and EJ11 (low profile) are electronically identical, have same 57B4 CCIN and part numbers 00RR793 and 00MH959, but differ in that their tailstocks fit different size PCIe slots.
The IBM EJ10 PCIe3 4 x8 SAS Port Adapter is a PCI Express (PCIe), generation 3, RAID SAS adapter that has a low-profile, short-form factor, but packaged for full height installation. The adapter is used in high-performance and high-density, serial attached SCSI (SAS) applications. It supports the attachment of SAS VTL, DVD or tape devices by using four mini SAS high-density (HD) x4 connectors that allow the physical links to be used in various narrow and wide-port configurations. SAS tape attachment is only supported in a single adapter configuration and cannot be mixed with SAS disk on the same adapter. The adapter does not have write
System Requirements:
IBM i Version 7.1, or later
AIX Version 6.1, or later
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 6.4, or later, with current maintenance updates available from Red Hat.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, Service Pack 3, or later, with current maintenance updates available from SUSE.

Note: The OLD #EJ0X does not support DVD but has the same CCIN. Adapter uses a Mini-SAS HD narrow connector and AE1 #ECBZ or YE1 #ECBY SAS cable.
Limitation: LTO-4 or earlier drives are not supported.