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IBM Connect Server Software IBM's Connect Server Software is an ideal solution for transferring large files and directories .. Product #: IBM Connect Server Software

IBM Connect Server Software

Model Number: IBM Connect Server Software

IBM's Connect Server Software is an ideal solution for transferring large files and directories globally between many users over a wide area network (WAN). It delivers unmatched performance and includes the same exceptional transfer and user management capabilities, which is an industry standard. Featuring a web-based directory that can be accessed from most standard browsers, this Connect Server Software enables authorized users to quickly upload and download large data sets with the auto-installed web browser plug-in.

IBM Connect Server provides:

  • A fast, universal file transfer solution for browsers and web applications that can deliver solid throughput over high-loss and high-delay networks.
  • Versatile file transfers that are powered by a highly scalable, FASP-enabled transfer environment.
  • A browser plug-in client that is self-installing and compatible with most standard web browsers.
  • Powerful administrator options that allow server administrators to create an unlimited number of users and define access rights and transfer settings for each one.
  • Transfer automation that lets organizations automate routine transfers as well as pre- and post-delivery file processing.

    A fast, universal file transfer solution for browsers and web applications

  • Transfers large files and directories at high speed among many users over the WAN.
  • Fully uses the allocated bandwidth for both low capacity and multi-gigabit networks.
  • Enables authorized users to upload and download data from a web-based directory using the auto-installed browser plug-in.
  • Supports transfers initiated from the browser plug-in, desktop and point-to-point clients, command line, third-party embedded clients or mobile uploader applications.
  • Serves as the high-speed backbone for web application transfers of file-based data over public Internet or private IP links.
  • Versatile file transfers

  • Support thousands of concurrent transfer sessions to provide reliable and predictable delivery times.
  • Allow organizations to manually transfer large files and directories or schedule automated recurring transfers.
  • Allow users to allocate bandwidth based on transfer priority.
  • Offer high-availability cluster configuration options, including active/active or active/passive configurations.
  • Provide simultaneous multi-location file delivery using multipoint transfers.
  • A browser plug-in client

  • Offers automatic installation, upgrade and launching within most standard web browsers with transfers taking place independent of the browser. For example, the browser can remain closed during transfers.
  • Supports uploading, downloading, and queuing of file, directory and multi-item transfers. 
  • Allows users to override queue priorities and make near real-time rate control changes.
  • Provides basic transfer bandwidth and progress reporting.
  • Powerful administrator options

  • Enforce security settings, user access rights and transfer settings based on organizational requirements.
  • Set transfer priorities and define aggregate or per-flow bandwidth allocation.
  • Enable various transfer settings based on the time of day or day of the week, per user or group and by client IP address or metadata.
  • Allow administrators to monitor incoming and outgoing transfers; cancel, pause, resume or reorder transfers; configure email notifications and delivery confirmations on the client and server.
  • Provide access through IBM Aspera Console to detailed server transfer logs in a centralized database and predefined or custom reports for billing and auditing.
  • Transfer automation 

  • Enables organizations to create one-time or repeatable and scheduled transfers through templates.
  • Uses hot folder services and defines custom pre- and post-delivery functionality using scriptable command line, web services or the software development kit library.
  • Automatically forwards uploaded files to any other Aspera node, even if files are initially transferred inbound without Aspera, such as through FTP deliveries.
  • Provides more reliable deliveries, with automatic retry-and-resume for failed transfers.