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IBM Connect Server Software Delivers high-speed file transfers for browsers and web applications IBM Connect Server Software&.. Product #: IBM Connect Server Software based on 0 reviews

IBM Connect Server Software

Model Number: IBM Connect Server Software

Delivers high-speed file transfers for browsers and web applications

IBM Connect Server Software is an ideal solution for transferring large files and directories globally between many users over a wide area network (WAN). Using the patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP), IBM Connect Server Software delivers unmatched performance and includes the same exceptional transfer and user management capabilities of IBM Connect Server Software, which is an industry standard. Featuring a web-based directory that can be accessed from most standard browsers, IBM Connect Server Software enables authorized users to quickly upload and download large data sets with the auto-installed web browser plug-in.

IBM Connect Server Software provides:

  • A fast, universal file transfer solution for browsers and web applications that can deliver solid throughput over high-loss and high-delay networks.
  • Versatile file transfers that are powered by a highly scalable, FASP-enabled transfer environment.
  • A browser plug-in client that is self-installing and compatible with most standard web browsers.
  • Powerful administrator options that allow server administrators to create an unlimited number of users and define access rights and transfer settings for each one.
  • Transfer automation that lets organizations automate routine transfers as well as pre- and post-delivery file processing.  

    High-performance transfer and synchronization 

  • Handles extremely large files and data sets easily—including entire directory structures.
  • Transfers and synchronizes files at high speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions.
  • Provides precise bandwidth control to effectively use the entire allocated bandwidth for maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other business-critical network traffic.
  • Provides precise reporting of transfer progress and performance.
  • Integrated desktop design

  • Allows remote browsing of projects and authorized Shares directly from the desktop in Microsoft Windows Explorer and Apple Mac Finder—rather than switching to a web-based view.
  • Moves files and folders easily to and from remote Shares with a simple drag-and-drop action.
  • Enables users to quickly send faspex packages of files and folders to individuals and teams using a simple email style interface.
  • Provides secure browsing, access, and rapid sending and receipt of large files and data sets over any distance at FASP speeds.
  • Enables background synchronization to help ensure that the local Aspera Drive content always mirrors the content in the remote project Share.
  • Powerful security and access model 

  • Combines authorization and access control for multilayered security.
  • Provides security for data access and operations such as browsing, uploading, downloading, making new directories, renaming or deleting files and directories.
  • Protects the data transferred with SSH authentication and encryption over the wire and at rest.
  • Provides data integrity verification for each transmitted block.
  • Innovative architecture 

  • Unifies file sharing and package sending capabilities between the desktop and the enterprise 
  • Offers flexible deployment models including on premises, cloud and hybrid cloud environments using IBM Aspera Enterprise Servers. 
  • Enables organizations to take advantage of the elastic compute resources in the cloud, while retaining security and service levels.
  • Provides multitenant domain management and integrated remote transfer node support for on premises or cloud infrastructures.
  • Supports direct-to-object storage transfers to, from and among IBM SoftLayer®, Google Storage, OpenStack Swift, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob cloud platforms.

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