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IBM Connect Browser Plug-In Enables high-speed browser-based file transfers to and from servers IBM Connect Brows.. Product #: IBM Connect Browser Plug-In

IBM Connect Browser Plug-In

Model Number: IBM Connect Browser Plug-In

Enables high-speed browser-based file transfers to and from servers

IBM Connect Browser Plug-In is a lightweight, highly compatible browser plug-in that automatically initiates Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol uploads and downloads from the IBM Connect Server and applications such as IBM Aspera faspex, IBM Drive and IBM Shares. This simple plug-in runs independent of the browser to provide precise visual transfer rate monitoring and control.

  • Versatile, easy-to-use web browser plug-in for initiating high-speed transfers at rates up to hundreds of times faster than traditional transfer protocols such as FTP and HTTP.
  • Precise bandwidth control that enables full use of available bandwidth, while remaining fair to other network traffic.
  • Built-in security that helps organizations secure business-critical digital assets.
  • Unrivaled performance when paired with IBM transfer servers that include patented FASP transport technology.

    Versatile, easy-to-use web browser plug-in 

  • Installs and starts quickly and automatically to initiate high-speed uploads and downloads when using Aspera Connect Server and web applications.
  • Provides automatic language selection based on the operating system language setting.
  • Precise bandwidth control 

  • Permits high-speed transfers to run independent of the browser so users can continue their work uninterrupted.
  • Continually adjusts bandwidth utilization with its adaptive rate control to prioritize transfers while reserving bandwidth for other business-critical network traffic such as video conferencing.
  • Allows users to switch to slower HTTP-based transfers for highly restrictive network environments.
  • Provides a reliable and predictable experience with automatic retry and resume for interrupted transfers.
  • Built-in security

  • Uses SSH authentication to establish secure connections between the plug-in and the transfer server.
  • Provides in-transit and at-rest encryption of files and folders based on Advanced Encryption Standard 128.
  • Unrivaled Aspera performance 

  • Delivers large files and whole directories quickly, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions using the patented FASP technology.
  • Allows full use of allocated bandwidth to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while remaining fair to other business-critical network traffic.
  • Offers automatic, fast and lossless inline compression to reduce data set transfer sizes and further boost Aspera industry-leading transfer performance.