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IBM Power8 IBM AIX 9119-MME1 Power8 E870 32-Core IBM's 9119-MME1 E870 Power8 AIX Server delivers blistering performance for large company's h.. Product #: 9119-MME1-AIX based on 0 reviews

IBM AIX 9119-MME1 Power8 E870 32-Core

Brand: IBM Power8
Model Number: 9119-MME1-AIX

IBM's 9119-MME1 E870 Power8 AIX Server delivers blistering performance for large company's heavy database and transaction performance demands that utilize multithreaded applications. The 9119-MME1 has 32-cores (4 Sockets) delivering a blistering 674.5 AIX rPerf, has integrated PowerVM virtualization, Capacity on Demand, Enterprise PowerVM and many other features that make AIX server applications scream on the IBM E870 system. Each 9119-MME1 processor core can execute up to 8 threads simultaneously per core and dynamicaly shifts between SMT1, SMT2, SMT4, SMT8 modes. The 9119-MME1 Power8 server node uses 8-core symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) processor chips with 512 KB of L2 and 8 MB of L3 cache per core, performs over 4 GHz per core, utilizes DDR3 CDIMM memory, dual memory controllers, and has a G3 PCIe I/O bus designed to use 32 lanes organized in two sets of x16. 

9119-MME1 E870 Specifications
IBM Power8 32-Core 4.024 GHz 64-bit, Single Node (Four Socket X 8-Core) Processor (EPBA EPBJ):  674.5 rPerf
EXP24S I/O Drawers:  1843 TB of Disk Storage Capacity (1536 X 1.2GB Drives)
PCIe adapter slots:  8 PCIe Gen3 x16
Memory:  4 TB of 1600 MHz DDR3 (64 CDIMMs) 
L1 Cache:  64 KB data “D” Cache & 32 KB instruction “I” Cache per core
L2 Cache:  512 KB per core
L3 Cache:  8 MB eDRAM per core
L4 Cache:  64 MB eDRAM (16 MB per Socket)
Logical/Micro-Partitions: 640 (20 per Core)
PowerVM: Enterprise Edition (Micro-partitioning for up to 20 micro-partitions per processor; Multiple Shared Processor Pools; Virtual I/ O Server; Shared Dedicated Capacity; Live Partition Mobility - LPM and Active Memory Sharing - AMS
Capacity on Demand (CoD): Yes; Optional: Processor and/or Memory Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD), Elastic Processor and/or Memory Capacity on Demand (CoD),  Trial Processor and/or Memory CoD, Utility CoD, Power Enterprise Pools
Processor to Memory Bandwidth Max:  230 GBps
I/O Bandwidth Max: 256 GB/sec
Power Supply:  Tower 100 V to 240 V or Rack 200 V to 240 V
RAS Components:  Processor instruction retry, Alternate processor recovery, Selective dynamic firmware updates, Chipkill memory with DRAM sparing, Dynamci L2 cache/L3 cache column repair, Memory controller reply buffer, L4 bank delete, Dynamic inter-node bus repair, Redundant service processors with automatic failover, Redundant system clocks with dynamic failover, Redundant hot swappable power supplies and cooling fans, Concurrent add/repair of I/O drawers, Hot- swappable disk bays in EXP24S, Hot-plug/blind-swap PCIe slots, Dynamic processor deallocation, Extended error handling on PCIe slots, Active Memory Mirroring for Hypervisor  
DVD Bay:  1
Dual VIOS:  Optional
Active Memory Expansion:  Optional
Power Enterprise Procesosr Pools: Optional
Operating Sytems Supported:  AIX, iSeries and Linux on Power
Physical Dimensions (mm):  Rack = 7 EIA (12U) space in a 19-inch rack
Warranty (when purchased as New): 24x7, same day response for one year; on-site (varies by country). Warranty service upgrades and maintenance are available.

IBM 9119-MME Power8 E870 general features and capabilities:

1 or 2 5U 19-inch rack-mount system node drawers
2U 19-inch rack-mount system control unit drawer and 12U for a system with two system node drawers
1 processor feature per system node:
    4.024 GHz, (4 x 0/8W) 32-core POWER8 processor (#EPBA)
    4.190 GHz, (4 X 0/10W) 40-core POWER8 processor (#EPBC)
Static or mobile processor activation features available on a per core basis
32 CDIMM slots per system node, a minimum of 16 populated per node
POWER8 DDR3 memory CDIMMs:
    0/64 GB (4 X 16 GB), 1600 MHz (#EM8J)
    0/128 GB (4 X 32 GB), 1600 MHz (#EM8K)
    0/256 GB (4 X 64 GB), 1600 MHz (#EM8L)
Active Memory Expansion, optimized onto the processor chip (#EM82)
Elastic CoD Processor Day, no-charge, temporary usage of inactive, Elastic CoD resources on initial orders (#EPJ3 or #EPJ5)
90 Days Elastic CoD Temporary Processor Enablement (#EP9T)
Eight PCIe Gen3 x16 I/O low profile expansion slots per system node (maximum 16 with 2-node system or 32 in a 4-node system)
One slim-line, SATA media bay per system control unit enclosure (DVD drive defaulted on order, option to de-select)
Redundant hot-swap ac power supplies in each system node drawer
Two HMC ports per FSP in system control unit enclosure service processor (FSP) (maximum of one #5550 and one #5557)
Dynamic logical partition (LPAR) support and processor and memory CUoD
PowerVM Virtualization built in with:
    Dynamic logical partitioning
    Shared processor pools
    Shared storage pools
    Live Partition Mobility
    Active Memory Sharing
    Active Memory Deduplication
    NPIV support
    PowerVP Performance Monitor
Optional PowerHA for AIX, IBM i, and Linux
Optional PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer with PCIe Gen3 slots:
Zero or two PCIe Gen3 Drawers per system node (#EMX0)
Zero or two or four PCIe Gen3 drawers per 2-node system
Each Gen3 I/O drawer holds two 6-slot PCIe3 Fan-out Modules (#EMXF)
Each Gen3 I/O drawer attaches to the system node through two PCIe3 Optical Cable Adapters (#EJ07)

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