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IBM Power9 Systems IBM 9009-22A EP16 4-Core Processor  .. Product #: 9009-22A-s922-ep16 based on 0 reviews

IBM 9009-22A EP16 4-Core Processor

Brand: IBM Power9 Systems
Model Number: 9009-22A-s922-ep16

IBM iSeries Power9 S922 9009-22A EP16 4-Core 3.8 GHz Processor

IBM i Software Tier: P10
rPerf: 89.8
Memory: 16-2048 GB
IBM i Not Supported on the 4-Core Model 

The 9009-22A S922 with EP16 4-core processor has an IBM reported rPerf of 89.8 and is not available in a 2 processor configuration.

Other Power9 S922 9009-22A IBM i Models

IBM 9009-22A EP18 8-Core 3.9GHz Processor  68,000 (272,000 with 2 Processors) CPW, P10 Software Tier.
IBM 9009-22A EP19 10-Core 3.8GHz Processor  60,000 (300,000 with 2 Processors) CPW, P10 Software Tier.

(#EP16) - 4-core Typical 2.8 to 3.8 GHz (max) POWER9 Processor

4-core Typical 2.8 to 3.8 GHz (max) POWER9 Processor card. 

  • Attributes provided: 4-core processor card
  • For 9009-22A: (#EP16)
    • Maximum allowed: 1
    • OS level required:
      • IBM i not supported
      • AIX supported
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
      • Ubuntu Server

IBM Power S922 and IBM i
IBM i support is provided at a price-attractive P10 software tier even though the S922 has two sockets. However, there are limitations to the maximum size of the partition, and all I/O must be virtualized through VIOS. Up to four cores (real or virtual) per IBM i partition are supported. Multiple IBM i partitions can be created and run concurrently, and each individual partition can have up to four cores
IBM i QPRCRFEAT values are the same numeric value as the processor feature code. IBM i does not support the 4-core processor feature EP16

The 8-core processor (#EP18, QPRCRFEAT EP18) is IBM i SW tier P10.
The 10-core processor (#EP19, QPRCRFEAT EP19) is IBM i SW tier P10.

The Power9 S922 model 9009-22A pricing depends on the configuration of the server. Each S922 9009-22A system comes custom configured based on customer requirements, including number of active cores and processers, disk drives and SSDmemory, storage, licensed IBM programs, and number of concurrent users. For MES System Upgrades, please provide your current iSeries System Model and Serial Number. 

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Not looking to run IBM i in a VIOS environment? Take a look at the S914 9009-41A or S922 9009-42A servers.



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