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IBM Power8 IBM 8284-22A S822 10-Core Power8 AIX IBM 8284-22A2 AIX server has a 10-Core Power8 (SMT8) 3.425 GHz processor, optimized f.. Product #: 8284-22A2-AIX

IBM 8284-22A S822 10-Core Power8 AIX

Brand: IBM Power8
Model Number: 8284-22A2-AIX

IBM 8284-22A2 AIX server has a 10-Core Power8 (SMT8) 3.425 GHz processor, optimized for multi-threaded applications and ideal for consolidating UNIX and x86 Linux applications into a single virtualized environment at a very low price. Each 8284-22A2 S822 Power8 system core can handle 8 hardware threads simultaneously, delivers over 2x faster CPU speeds for multithreaded applications, is 60% faster for single threaded applications and can dynamical shift between SMT modes (SMT1, SMT2, SMT4, SMT8) as required. The 8284-22A2 S822 AIX servers can have up to 400 logical/micro partitions utilizing 177.8 rPerf, up to 512 GB of DDR3 Memory and 14.4 TB of internal disk capacity (417 TB total storage). Please use the "Request Price" to send us your 8284-22A2 Power8 S822 System requirements and include the Model and Serial Number of your existing system if its an MES upgrade.

8284-22A2 Specifications
IBM Power8 10-Core 3.425 GHz, 2 Socket 64-bit Processor (EPXD EPY1):  177.8 rPerf
Memory:  512 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3
L1 Cache:  64 KB data “D” Cache & 32 KB instruction “I” Cache per core
L2 Cache:  512 KB per core
L3 Cache:  8 MB per core
L4 Cache:  16 MB per Memory DIMM
Processor to Memory Bandwidth:  192 GBps
Standard Disk Drive bays:  12 SFF-3 (HDD or SSD)
Dual IOA Higher Function Backplane bays: 8 SFF-3, 6 1.8-inch SSD slots and optional EXP24S attachment for 24 additional SFF-2 slots
Optional EXP24S Storage Drawers:  14 (336 maximum SFF-2 SAS bays for 417 TB Storage Space)
PCIe Gen3 full high slots:  7 PCIe x8 and 4 PCIe x16
Media bays:  1 Slimline DVD
Integrated SAS Controller:  Standard RAID 0,5,6,10 or Optional 7200 MB cache & Easy Tier Function
I/O Bandwidth:  192 GBps per socket
Total SAS Bays (system unit + EXP24S): 348 (in 14 EXP24S Storage Drawers)
Power Supply:  Tower 100 V to 240 V or Rack 200 V to 240 V
RAS Components:  Processor instruction retry, Alternate processor recovery, Selective dynamic firmware updates, Chipkill memory, ECC L2/L3 cache, Service Processor with fault monitoring, Hot-swappable disk drives, Hot-plug concurrent maintenance PCIe slots, Hot-plug and redundant power supplies and cooling fans, Dynamic processor deallocation, Extended error handling on PCI slots
Dual VIOS:  Optional
PowerVM: Standard and Enterprise Edition (both Optional)
Operating Sytems Supported:  AIX 6.1 TL7-9, AIX 7.1 TL1-3 and AIX 7.2, Linux on Power
Physical Dimensions (mm):  Rack = 427.5W X 86.5H X 747.5D (4U)
Warranty (when purchased as New): 3 year Limited Warranty, on site for selected components; CRU (customer replaceable unit) for all other units (varies by country), Next business day 9x5 (excluding holidays), warranty service upgrades and maintenance are available.