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IBM Power9 Systems IBM 324C 128GB DDR4 POWER9 Memory 78P4200  .. Product #: 78P4200-324C-EM65

IBM 324C 128GB POWER9 Memory 78P4200 EM65

Brand: IBM Power9 Systems
Model Number: 78P4200-324C-EM65
Custom Field 1 (UPC): 324C
Custom Field 4 (MPN): 78P4200

IBM 324C 128GB DDR4 POWER9 Memory EM65 78P4200 Main Storage 9009 9008 9223 9040

The IBM 324C 128GB DDR4 POWER9 Memory DIMM has 78P4200 part number and EM65 feature code, must be installed in pairs and are supported on 9009-41A, 9009-42A, 9009-42H, 9008-22L, 9223-22H, 9223-42H and 9040-MR9 servers. IBM Power9 servers have 32 DDR4 Memory DIMM slots, providing a maximum of 4TB of main storage for two processor socket systems, or 2TB of POWER9 Memory for single processor servers in 16 DDR4 main storage DIMM slots (except 9009-41A which has a 1TB maximum). The IBM 324C128 GB DDR4 Power9 memory will run at different frequencies of 2133, 2400 and 2666 Mbps based on server configuration.
IBM POWER9 Main Storage specifications and options include:

8 GB DDR4 Memory - 324D EM60 78P4191
16 GB DDR4 Memory - 324E EM62 78P4197
32 GB DDR4 Memory - 324F EM63 78P4198
64 GB DDR4 Memory - 325A EM64 78P4199
128 GB DDR4 Memory - 324C EM65 78P4200
Specifications of IBM 324C EM65 128GB DDR4 POWER9 Memory 78P4200:
Attributes provided: 128 GB DDR4 memory DIMM
Attributes required: Available DDR4 memory slot in POWER9 Server
Maximum allowed: 32
OS supported: IBM i, AIX and Linux Servers IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Server, Ubuntu Linux Server
All IBM Power9 memory includes warranty, free technical support by phone or email, is guaranteed for IBM maintenance and support contracts, and will not add any additional costs for ongoing IBM maintenance.