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IBM IBM 2076-624 Storwize V7000 SFF Control Enclosure  .. Product #: 2076-624-V7000

IBM 2076-624 Storwize V7000 SFF Control Enclosure Expansion

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 2076-624-V7000
Tags: 2076 , v7000 , storwize , ibm san

2076-624 IBM Storwize V7000 SFF Control Enclosure
The IBM 2076-624 Storwize V7000 SFF Control Enclosure supports up to 24 2.5-inch SAS flash drives, 256 GB cache, can attach up to 20 expansion enclosures for a total of 504 disk drives, has two node canisters with a 10-core processor in each, and supports Fiber Channel, iSCSI, FCoE and Ethernet connectivity. The IBM 2076-624 Storwize V7000 Control Enclosure is a component of the Storwize V7000 SAN for small form factor disk drives (SFF). IBM Storwize V7000 systems can contain up to four V7000 SAN system in a cluster, for a total of 1,056 drives, delivering maximum performance and bandwidth. IBM Storwize V7000 is a virtualized, software-defined SAN comprised of hardware components and IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software. All functional capabilities for the IBM Storwize V7000 system are provided through Spectrum Virtualize software, which can also enable virtualization of non-IBM storage. Existing IBM 2076-12F and 2076-24F expansion enclosures can be attached to the IBM 2076-624 Storwize V7000 SAN, as well as newer IBM Storwize SAN models.
IBM SAN 2076-624 Storwize Storage Specifications and Types:
Write-intensive Flash drives: AHH2 400GB, AHH3 800GB, AHH4 1.6TB, and AHH5 3.2TB
Read-intensive Flash drives: AHHA 1.92TB and AHHB 3.84TB
Enterprise 15K hard disk drives: AHE1 300GB, AHE2 600GB, AHHG 1.92TB, AHHH 3.84TB, AHHJ 7.68TB and AHHK 15.36TB
Enterprise 10K hard disk drives: AHF2 900GB, AHF3 1.2TB, and AHF4 1.8TB
Archival-class 7.2K hard disk drive: AHG2 2TB
Note: All IBM Storwize V7000 storage are 12 Gb/s SAS, Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) and are supported in 2076-12F, 2076-24F and 2076-92F IBM Storwize Enclosures. All IBM Storwize disk drives are dual-port and hot-swappable. IBM Storwize disk drives of the same form factor can be intermixed within an enclosure, and LFF and SFF expansion enclosures can be intermixed behind the SFF control enclosure. Significant scalability can be achieved using the Spectrum virtualization capabilities for customer’s existing SANs, including non-IBM SANs. When IBM Storwize V7000 virtualizes an external disk system, capacity in the external system inherits the functional richness and ease of use of Storwize V7000.
IBM 2076-624 Storwize Control Enclosure Hardware Components include:
Two node canisters, each includes a ten-core processor, 32 GB cache and an integrated hardware assisted compression accelerator chip
Six 1 Gb Ethernet ports for 1 Gb iSCSI connectivity and system management (three ports per node canister)
Two 1 Gb Ethernet ports for service technician use (one port per node canister)
Four 12 Gb SAS ports for Storwize V7000 expansion enclosure attachment (two ports per node canister)
Twenty-four slots for 2.5-inch SFF SAS drives
Two AC power supplies and cooling units
2U, 19-inch rack mount enclosure
Optional SAN features include:
16 Gb FC adapter pair (two cards each with four 16 Gb FC ports and shortwave SFP transceivers)
10 Gb Ethernet adapter pair for iSCSI or FCoE connectivity (two cards each with four 10 Gb Ethernet ports and SFP+ transceivers)
Cache upgrade (128 GB and 256 GB options)
Optional compression accelerator card for additional hardware-assisted compression acceleration
16 Gb FC longwave SFP transceivers
RFID tag
Software Defined Storage and Enterprise SAN Features include:
Graphical user interface (GUI) for easier use (CLI commands can be displayed as details), with nearly all functions available, as well as a command line interface
Thin Provisioning known as Space Efficient Volumes
File level storage (NAS)
Policy based file placement Active Cloud Engine
Global Namespace
Async replication on File level
Automated tiered storage (EasyTier) that supports hot spot removal within a tier (intra-tier) and between tiers (inter-tier)
Encryption for data at rest (all available original drives are self-encrypting)
Peer to Peer Remote Copy
Metro Mirror (synchronous copy)
Global Mirror (asynchronous copy)
Global Mirror with Change Volumes (flash copy asynchronous check points for low bandwidth)
External Storage Virtualization
Virtual Disk Mirroring
Real-time Compression
Data Reduction Pools with Deduplication and Real-time Compression
Clustering, i.e. single user interface for several (up to 8) controllers, while supporting volume moves between them without disruption
Stretched cluster configuration (SVC only), optional "enhanced" version with site awareness (hardware redundancy only across sites)
Hyperswap (automated storage failover using the standard multipathing drivers; hardware redundancy on either site is given)
Volumes can be resized,
RAID levels 0,1,5,6,10
Distributed RAID (DRAID), i.e. DRAID-5 and DRAID-6
FlashCopy provides Snapshots with several combinations of these attributes: multiple, incremental, independent, space-efficient, immediately writable, or cascaded
Data Migration: data can be moved between all virtualized storage (both internal and external) with no disruption
Performance Management using throttling of bandwidth and transactions either by host or by volume
supports interactive and non-interactive ssh-login
Call home and notifications via e-mail, syslog, SNMP, VPN and GUI
Security audit log and encrypted access
High availability and Disaster Recovery features built-in:
Dual-active, intelligent node canisters with mirrored cache
Dual-port disk drives with automatic disk drive failure detection and RAID rebuild with global hot spares
Redundant hardware, including power supplies and fans
Hot-swappable and customer replaceable components
Automated path failover support for the data path between the server and the Drives
Encryption for enhanced data security
IBM 2076-624 Storwize Control Enclosure includes encryption for data at rest, and is performed by the Storwize V7000 control enclosure for data stored within the SAN and attached IBM Storwize V7000 system expansion units. The Encryption Enablement feature includes a Four Pack of Encryption USB Flash for storing the encryption master access key.
Enterprise class SAN and Software Defined Storage Features
The IBM Storwize V7000 combines a variety of IBM storage technologies, including thin provisioning, automated tiering, storage virtualization, real-time compression, clustering, replication, HyperSwap, multiprotocol support, and a intuitive GUI for administration and management. Also included are some industry leading third-party technologies, such as Bridgeworks SANSlide network optimization that offer additional functional capabilities and efficiencies.
IBM Storwize V7000 Storage SFF Flash Drives
AC58-2078 IBM Storwize 600GB 15K 2.5 Inch HDD
AC59-2078 IBM Storwize 900GB 15K 2.5 Inch HDD
AC68-2078 IBM Storwize 900GB 10K 2.5 Inch HDD
AC69-2078 IBM Storwize 1.2TB 10K 2.5 Inch HDD
AC6B-2078 IBM Storwize 2.4TB 10K 2.5 Inch HDD
AC9C-2078 IBM Storwize 400GB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AC9D-2078 IBM Storwize 800GB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AC9E-2078 IBM Storwize 1.6TB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AC9F-2078 IBM Storwize 3.2TB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
ACN0-2078 IBM Storwize 1.92TB 2.5" Flash Drive
ACN3-2078 IBM Storwize 15.36TB 2.5Inch Flash Drive
AHE2-2076 IBM Storwize 600GB 15K 2.5 Inch HDD
AHE3-2076 IBM Storwize 900GB 15K 2.5 Inch HDD
AHF2-2076 IBM Storwize 900GB 10K 2.5 Inch HDD
AHF3-2076 IBM Storwize 1.2TB 10K 2.5 Inch HDD
AHF5-2076 IBM Storwize 2.4TB 10K 2.5 Inch HDD
AHH2-2076 IBM Storwize 400GB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHH3-2076 IBM Storwize 800GB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHH4-2076 IBM Storwize 1.6TB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHH5-2076 IBM Storwize 3.2TB 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHHG-2076 IBM Storwize 1.92TB 12 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHHH-2076 IBM Storwize 3.84TB 12 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHHJ-2076 IBM Storwize 7.68TB 12 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch Flash Drive
AHHK-2076 IBM Storwize 15.36TB 12 Gb SAS 2.5 Inch Flash Drive