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DISUK Backup Encryption - Paranoia SCSI The Paranoia3 backup encryption appliance is designed to fit into any IT environment in minutes and .. Product #: Backup-Encryption-P3S based on 0 reviews

Backup Encryption - Paranoia SCSI

Brand: DISUK
Model Number: Backup-Encryption-P3S

The Paranoia3 backup encryption appliance is designed to fit into any IT environment in minutes and without any professional assistance... no reason to change your tape drives, media, software or procedures. The media encryption is so transparent to your backup software and OS, you can boot from tape, and Alternate IPL on a IBM iSeries. It works perfectly in a disaster recovery situation, where fast data transfer rates are a must.
Paranoia3 is commonly used for encrypted backups on IBM iSeries (AS400), Windows, Unix, AIX, Linux platforms and are even used on many legacy system environments including HP Nonstop (Tandem), Unisys, NEC, and HP9000. Paranoia3 is designed to work any make and type of SCSI or Fibre channel interfaced tape drive, no matter the age. Many companies prefer the Paranoia technology because they have a wide range of tape technologies, so using the Paranoia3 allows the same device to be rolled out across the various systems, tape drives and tape libraries across their enterprise.

Using the Paranoia3 encryption appliance has a number of significant advantages when compared to embedded encryption in the drive. The first and most obvious is the fact that there is no need to change the tape drives to one that has the option for encryption. This removes the need for a complete set of costly new media but more importantly means your existing archive tapes can simply be overwritten rather than needing to be copied to the new media.

Managing the Paranoia encryption is very simple and can be done either locally using the serial interface or remotely across the LAN or WAN. The supplied GUI allows for setting the level of encryption as well as catering for the need to be able to read and/or write unencrypted tape if required.

The Paranoia3 hardware is designed specifically to do the job of encrypting data to tape, not simply a few add on cards to a PC motherboard that some solutions use.

Fiber Channel Paranoia3 units specifications:

    Host & Tape Bus:  320 Mb/sec
    Host Connector:  2 X 68 way Micro D
    Tape Connector:  1 X 68 way Micro D
    Host Termination:  External
    Tape Termination:  Internal
    Data Transfer Rate:  320 Mb/sec
    Size:  45 X 430 X 240 mm (2u)

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