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IBM IBM ES7L 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx eMLC4 Drive IBM ES7L 5B19 00LY324 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx block eMLC4 00LY577.. Product #: ES7L-00LY324-5B19

IBM ES7L 5B19 00LY324 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx block eMLC4 00LY577

Brand: IBM
Model Number: ES7L-00LY324-5B19
Tags: es7l , ibm ssd , 00ly324 , 5b19 , 00ly577

IBM ES7L 5B19 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx block eMLC4 00LY324 00LY577
The IBM ES7L 387GB SFF-3 SSD 5xx blockis a fourth generation enterprise Solid State Drive for IBM Power systems, can have 00LY324 or 00LY577 part number, reports with 5B19 CCIN, and can be used with IBM i, AIX or Linux, has 5B19 CCIN and 00LY324 part numberThe IBM ES7L 387GB SFF-3 SSD isformatted with 528 byte sectors and supported in SFF-3 SAS bays in the CEC of IBM i Power System 8286-41A and 8286-42A models. IBM ES7L, ES7K, ESB0, ESG9, ESGA, ESGT, EL7K and ELG9 feature codes are all identical solid state drives, however the feature codes are used by IBM configuration tools to specify which OS type and carrier tray will be used by the solid state drive. The IBM 5B19ES7L SSD 
does not fit in IBM EXP24S drawers (SFF-2) or in IBM 5802 or 5803 I/O drawers (SFF-1) or in POWER7 system units (SFF-1) SAS bays. The IBM 5B19 SSD was not tested with 512 byte sectors, therefore JBOD mode for AIX/Linux is not supported.

IBM ES7L 5B19 00LY324 System Requirements:
IBM i 7.1 TR11 or later
IBM i 7.2 TR4 or later
IBM i 7.3 or later

IBM ES7L 5B19 00LY324 Specifications:
Attributes provided: one 387GB SFF-3 5xx SSD
Attributes required: one SFF-3 SAS bay

Note: IBM 4k drives cannot be reformatted to 5xx drives (or vice versa). IBM is transitioning away from manufacturing SAS Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) formatted with 512 and 528 byte sector (5xx), and instead will only be providing 4K byte sector drives. Although most AIX and Linux applications will not experience issues since data access to the SAS drives is via a file system, companies should confirm with their application provider to ensure compatibility with using SSD or HDD with 4K byte sectors. AIX and Linux applications that require direct access to the raw data on the SSD or HDD, may require 512 and 528 byte sector (5xx) sectors drives.