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IBM #5296 - 1.8m I/O Tower no disk (#5296) - 1.8m I/O Tower (no disk)The #5296 is a I/O expansion tower that has 28 PCI slots, no disk .. Product #: 5296-9406 based on 0 reviews

#5296 - 1.8m I/O Tower no disk

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 5296-9406

(#5296) - 1.8m I/O Tower (no disk)

The #5296 is a I/O expansion tower that has 28 PCI slots, no disk unit bays, and no removable media bays.

Each #5296 is essentially two #5096 PCI-X Expansion Towers, with side covers and casters removed, placed in a 1.8M rack. Each #5296 counts as two #5096s towards the system model maximums.

Two bus adapters, to provide the HSL interfaces to the system, are required with each #5296. Select two of the following:

#9517 - Base HSL-2 Bus Adapter (for copper HSL-2 interfaces)

#9876 - Base Optical Bus Adapter (for optical HSL interfaces)

The upper and lower enclosures (#5096s) in a #5296 are not connected internally by an HSL cable. If the #5296 is to be placed in an HSL loop (both upper and lower enclosure on same HSL loop), an HSL-2 cable is required to connect the upper and lower enclosures. An HSL loop uses all optical or all copper ports/cables. A copper loop can intermix I/O towers/units with copper HSL and copper HSL-2 ports. Select the appropriate cable based on the type of HSL ports to which it is being attached, and the cable length required.

Select three or four of the following HSL cables, on initial orders, for the first #5296 on the system. For additional #5296s, or on an MES order, select two, three, or four of the following HSL cables per tower:

#1307 - 1.75m HSL-2 Cable

#1308 - 2.5m HSL-2 Cable

#1460 3m HSL Cable

#1461 6m HSL Cable

#1462 15m HSL Cable

#1470 6m HSL Optical Cable (model specific usage)

#1471 30m HSL Optical Cable (model specific usagey)

#1472 100m HSL Optical Cable (model specific usage)

#1473 250m HSL Optical Cable (model specific usage)

#1464 6m HSL to HSL-2 Cable

#1475 10m HSL to HSL-2 Cable

#1481 1m HSL-2 Cable

#1482 4m HSL-2 Cable

#1483 10m HSL-2 Cable

Select two of the following SPCN cables for each #5296:

#1463 2m SPCN Cable

#1464 6m SPCN Cable

#1465 15m SPCN Cable

#1466 30m SPCN Cable

#0369 100m Optical SPCN Cable (model specific usage)

#1468 250m Optical SPCN Cable (model specific usage)

#6001 2m SPCN Cable

#6006 3m SPCN Cable

#6007 15m SPCN Cable

#6008 6m SPCN Cable

#6029 30m SPCN Cable

No base IOPs are included with a #5296. For each #5296 ordered, a quantity of two #0694, #5096 Equivalent, specify codes will be added to the order. If a #5296 is to be shared between two systems, one #0694 must be removed from the original ordering system and added to the sharing system, using a Record Purpose Only (RPO) change.

Dual line cord capability is available for the #5296 with feature #5116. With a #5116 installed, both tower units of a #5296 will have dual line cord capability. Two additional line cords (for a total of four), must be ordered when a #5116 is installed. Plugging in the second line cord from the upper and lower units, even if to the same outlet, enables each unit's AC power modules to be redundant. For the best power protection, the first and second line cords should be attached to different power sources.

Two of the following line cords are required on a #5296:

#1399 - 4.3m 300V/16A

#1406 - 200V 16A 14-Ft TL Line Cord

#1408 - 4.3m 200V/16A Pwr Cd Italy

#1409 - 4.3m 200V/16A Pwr Cd AU/NZ

#1418 - 4.3m 200V/16A Pwr Cd S Afric

#1419 - 4.3m 200V/16A Pwr Cd Israel

#1420 - 4.3m 200V/16A Pwr Cd EU/Asia

#1421 - 4.3m 200V/16A Pwr Cd CH/DK

#1451 - 200V 6-Ft Line Cord

#1452 - 200V 14-Ft Line Cord

#1453 - 200V 6-Ft Locking Line Cord

#1454 - 200V 12A 14-Ft TL Line Cord

#1455 - 200V 6-Ft Wtrtght Line Cord

#1456 - 200V 14-Ft Wtrtght Line Cord

#1476 - 4.3m 200V/12A Pwr Cd UK

Attributes provided: 28 PCI slots

Attributes required: HSL connections, two to four wall electrical outlets, at least one #0696 on the inventory record

For 9406 - 520 (5296)

Minimum required: 0

Maximum allowed: 3 (Initial order maximum: 3 )

OS level required: i5/OS V5R3, or later, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS for POWER Version 3, or later, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for POWER, or later, AIX 5L for POWER V5.2 for IBM eServer, or later

Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both

CSU: Yes

Return parts MES: No

Supported on the following systems: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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