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IBM 3677 - IBM 139.5GB 15k RPM SAS Disk Drive  .. Product #: 3677-iSeries

3677 - IBM 139.5GB 15k RPM SAS Disk Drive

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 3677-iSeries

The IBM #3677 is a 139.5GB SAS Disk Drive providing 15,000 RPM, is 3.5-inch in diameter and has a Serially Attached SCSI (SAS) interface. The IBM 3677 is mounted in a carrier and hot swap is supported.

The 3677 is supported on the IBM POWER6 systems


The 3677 requires OS400 V5R4 with V5R4M5 Machine Code or later.

Attributes provided: 139.5GB Disk Unit in a carrier
Attributes required: one SAS drive slot

Note: The #3677 SAS Disk Drive is also known in the system unit as a #0839 feature, CCIN 433C and IBM Part Number 42R6691.

Part Numbers: 41Y8421, 42R6688, 42R6691, 44V4425, 422C