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IBM #0647 PCI-X Disk/Tape Ctlr No IOP (#0647) PCI-X Disk/Tape Ctlr No IOPProvides a PCI-X Disk/Tape SCSI Controller with zero write cache .. Product #: 0647-9406 based on 0 reviews

#0647 PCI-X Disk/Tape Ctlr No IOP

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 0647-9406

(#0647) PCI-X Disk/Tape Ctlr No IOP

Provides a PCI-X Disk/Tape SCSI Controller with zero write cache and without RAID support. A maximum of six disk drives are supported on the #0647. Removable media devices (tape, optical libraries, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and DVD-RAM) are also supported on the #0647.

The #0647 has two U320 buses each with a bus data rate of up to 320MBs. Each SCSI bus can be either internal (using an internal port) or external (using an external port), but not both. There are four physical ports on the #0647, two internal and two external.

Internal devices connect to the internal ports (1 or 2). External devices connect to the external ports (1 or 2) and use an LVD (Low Voltage Differential) interface and VHDCI connectors. A #1850 VHDCI to P Converter Cable is available to connect to external devices with type P connectors.

#0647, #5736, #5766 and #5775 are physically the same adapter card but have different feature numbers to indicate to IBM configurator tools how the card is being used. #0647 indicates that the card is dedicated to an AIX 5L or Linux partition and an IOP is not being used.

#0647 should be the choice over #0624/#0645 (#5702/#5712 IOP-less equivalent) or #5705/#5715 controllers for systems running V5R3, or later.

Supported on the following systems: 520, 550, 570, 595

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