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IBM IBM 31EF 128GB DDR4 Power8 Memory 00VK351  .. Product #: 31EF-00VK351-EM94

00VK351 IBM 31EF 128GB DDR4 Memory EM94 Power8

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 31EF-00VK351-EM94

00VK351 IBM 31EF128GB DDR4 Power8 Memory EM94 8286-41A 8286-42A 8247-42L 
IBM 31EF 128GB DDR4 Power8 Memory feature has 00VK351 part number, EM94 feature code and is supported on IBM POWER8 8286-41A, 8286-42A and 8247-42L server models. The IBM S824 8286-42A system model supports up to 16 EM93 Power8 Memory DIMMs, and has a maximum of 4TB of main storage for systems with 2 processor sockets and 1 TB maximum memory for single processor socket systems. The IBM S814 8286-41A Power8 system models supports up to 16 EM93 Memory DIMMs, and has a maximum of 1TB of main storage. The IBM S824L 8247-42LPower8 system models support up to 16 EM93 Memory DIMMs, and has a maximum of 4TB of main storage. IBM Power8 memory DDR4 and DDR3 main storage features deliver the same performance, have the same 1600 MHz speed, L4 cache and use the same memory controller.
Other supported IBM Power8 memory features include:
DDR4 - 16GB EM91 31EC, 32GB EM92 31ED, 64GB EM93 31EE, 128GB EM94 31EF and 256GB EM95 31FC
DDR3 - 16GB EM8B 31E8, 32GB EM8C 31E9, 64GB EM8D 31EA and 128GB EM8E 31EB
IBM Power8 Memory Notes: DDR4 memory can not be mixed on the same server with DDR3 memory. Memory must be installed in pairs using two identical main storage feature codes. See server definition for any single CDIMM configuration exceptions for very entry 1-socket servers. IBM Power8 system firmware 860 or later is required.
00VK351 IBM 31EF EM94 128GB DDR4 Power8 Memory OS Requirements:
AIX 6.1 and 7.1, or later supported
IBM i 7.1 TR8 and 7.2, or later supported
IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Refer to Software requirements for specific O/S levels supported