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IBM iSeries POWER9 Memory

IBM iSeries POWER9 Memory

POWER9 Memory

IBM POWER9 Systems has memory features available in 4 sizes from 16GB up to 128GB DIMMs. 


  • A minimum of 32 GB of memory is required on the Power S922 and S924 systems.
  • A minimum of 16 GB of memory is required on the Power S914 System.
  • Memory upgrades require memory pairs. Base memory is two 16 GB DDR4 memory modules (#EM62).

Plans for future memory upgrades should be taken into account when deciding which memory feature size to use at the time of initial system order.

Feature Desrciption Feature Number Min. DIMM Max. DIMM Available on 41A
16 GB DDR4 Memory EM62 0 32 Yes
32 GB DDR4 Memory EM63 0 32 Yes
64 GB DDR4 Memory EM64 0 32 Yes
128 GB DDR4 Memory EM65 0 32 No

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Note: Different sizes/configurations run at different frequencies of 2133, 2400, and 2666 Mbps.