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IBM IBM ES0E 775GB SFF-1 SSD eMCL AIX Linux 00E8702  .. Product #: 00E8702-59C0-ES0E based on 0 reviews

00E8702 IBM 59C0 ES0E 775GB SFF-1 SSD eMLC Solid State Drive Power Systems AIX Linux

Brand: IBM
Model Number: 00E8702-59C0-ES0E

00E8702 IBM 59C0 ES0E 775GB SFF-1 SSD eMLC Power Systems AIX Linux

The IBM ES0E SSD SFF 2.5" SAS Solid State Drive has 59C0 and 00E8702 part number, 775 GB capacity and formatted with 528 byte sectors for SFF SAS bays in the 5802 and 5803 I/O drawers or in system unit SFF-1 SAS bays. The IBM ES0E and ES0F SSD are physically identical solid state drives, but have different feature codes to distinguish how the SSD is used. ES0E indicates usage by AIX, Linux or VIOS. ES0F indicates usage by IBM i. Both the IBM ES0E and ES0F solid state drives are priced as refurbished, include warranty and eligible for IBM maintenance agreements.

The IBM ES0E is supported on the following Power System Models: 8202-E4B, 8202-E4C, 8202-E4D, 8205-E6B, 8205-E6C, 8205-E6D, 8231-E1C, 8231-E1D, 8231-E2B, 8231-E2C, 8231-E2D, 8233-E8B, 8236-E8C, 8268-E1D, 8408-E8D, 8412-EAD, 9109-RMD, 9117-MMB, 9117-MMC, 9117-MMD, 9119-FHB, 9179-MHB, 9179-MHC, 9179-MHD

The ES0F 775 GB SFF SSDs use the third generation eMLC technology offering significant performance, capacity, and price-to-performance advantages. Third generation eMLC provides up to 2X more IOPS capacity than the existing second-generation eMLC SSD technology. The new third-generation SSD also deliver up to 40% better latency. Enterprise Multi-Level Cell (eMLC) flash memory blends enterprise-class performance and reliability characteristics with the more cost-effective characteristics of MLC flash storage.

The new third-generation SSD builds upon this base and, using advances in both the SSD device controller flash memory management plus advances in MLC technology itself, offer an even better value proposition. Like IBM's earlier eMLC SSDs, the drives are designed to deliver great sustained performance levels and extended endurance and reliability. For example, the new eMLC SSD modules were designed to provide 24x7x365 usage even running write-intensive levels for about five years. Typical client usage is expected to be much lower, especially regarding the average percentage of writes, and thus drive life span can be much longer.

Limitation: cannot be used in a 5887 EXP24S Gen2 I/O drawer due to physical difference in Gen1 and Gen2 carriers. Also drive was not tested with 512 byte sectors and thus JBOD mode for AIX/Linux is not supported.

OS level requirements:

AIX 7.1 with the 7100-03 Technology Level, or later
AIX 7.1 with Service Pack 4, or later
AIX 6.1 with the 6100-07 Technology Level, or later
AIX 6.1 with the 6100-06 Technology Level and Service Pack 6, or later
AIX 6.1 with the 6100-05 Technology Level and Service Pack 7, or later
AIX 5.3 with the 5300-12 Technology Level and Service Pack 5, or later (note that AIX 5.3 service extension is required)
IBM i 7.1, or later: RS710-10 OS & Technology Refresh 7 (TR PTF Group SF99707 Level 7), C3298710
IBM i 6.1 with 6.1.1 machine code 6.1.1, or later: IBM i 6.1 with i 6.1.1 machine code - i 6.1.1: RS610-10 OS & RS611-M LIC, C3312610
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 for POWER® , or later
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 for POWER , or later
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, Service Pack 4, or later
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2, or later
VIOS, or later

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