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IBM i Power6 E8A Disk Drives

IBM i Power6 E8A Disk Drives

IBM iSeries Disk for 8204-E8A, including SSD & HDD Power6 Disk Drives are IBM i Certified, eligible for IBM i Maintenance Contracts and include Warranty. View other IBM Power Model iSeries Disk Drives here or IBM 9406 AS400 Disk Drives here. Most iSeries Disk drives are available as new or used/refurbished condition.

The IBM i 8204-E8A, Power6 Model 550 allow different DASD options, six 3.5-inch SAS DASD bays for up to 2700 GB of iSeries disk, or eight 2.5-inch SAS DASD bays, for up to 1174.4 GB of iSeries disk. All DASD is direct dock and hot pluggable. A slim media bay is available for a DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM, and a half-high media bay is available for a iSeries tape drive.

If your not sure which iSeries disk drives best fit your system, please contact us for assistance. We also provide System i installation and support services.