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IBM IBM ESDU 139GB 15K SAS SFF-3 Disk Drive 00FX874  .. Product #: ESDU-00FX874-59FD based on 0 reviews

IBM ESDU 00FX874 59FD 139GB 15K SAS SFF-3 Disk Drive

Brand: IBM
Model Number: ESDU-00FX874-59FD
Tags: 00fx874 , 59fd , esdu
Custom Field 1 (UPC): 59FD
Custom Field 4 (MPN): 00FX874

IBM ESDU 00FX874 59FD 139GB 15K RPM SAS SFF-3 Disk Drive
The IBM ESDU 139GB 15K RPM SAS SFF-3 Disk Drive for iSeries systems has a 2.5-inch Small Form Factor (SFF) Gen-3 carrier tray for installation in SFF-3 SAS bays. The IBM ESDU 139GB 15K iSeries Disk Drive has 00FX874 part number and 59FD CCIN. The IBM ESDU 00FX874 59FD is formatted for 528 byte sectors, and can be reformatted to 512 byte sectors for 146 GB capacity. The ESDU feature is identical to the IBM ESDT 146GB 15k RPM SAS SFF-3 Disk Drive with 00FX876 part number for AIX and Linux servers, as well as identical to the ELDT 146GB 15k RPM SAS SFF-3 Linux Disk Drive, and all have the same 59FD CCIN.

The IBM ESDU 00FX874 59FD cannot be installed in a IBM EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer because of physical difference of carrier/tray.

IBM ESDU 00FX874 OS Requirements:
IBM i 7.1 TR8 and 7.2 or later supported
Refer to Software Requirements for specific O/S levels supported

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