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8286-41A IBM S814 Power8 SSD HDD Disk Drives for iSeries, AIX and Linux systems

8286-41A IBM S814 Power8 SSD and Disk Drives
8286-41A S814 IBM Power8 Solid State Drives with eMLC or Hard Disk Drives for iSeries AS400, AIX, VIOS and Linux systems support 32.4 TB of internal disk or 1,209 TB of storage using IBM Power EXP24S 5887 I/O expansion drawers which can include Hard Disk or SSD. All IBM Power8 System SSD and hard disk drives for 8286-41A S824 models are IBM Certified and eligible for existing IBM i maintenance contracts, and include warranty. The 8286-41A S824 models have storage backplane for both twelve or eighteen SFF-3 disk or SSD bays. Most Power8 SSD and Disk Drives supported on 8286-41A S814 server are also supported on other Power system models. Contact us if your not sure which Power8 SSD or hard disk drives are supported by your Power system. Midland also provides upgrade, installation services and technical support over the phone and email. Some IBM Power System SSD and disk drives are only available in new or refurbished condition.