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IBM 8202-E4D Disk Drives Power7+ HDD SSD Solid State Drives iSeries

IBM 8202-E4D Disk Drives: Power7+ SSD HDD
IBM 8202-E4D Disk Drives and SSD supported on Power7 models are listed below, include warranty, free technical support and are eligible for IBM maintenance. The 8202-E4D Power7+ Systems have 8 SFF hot swappable disk drive slots in the CEC, supporting up to 7.2 TB via 900 GB HDD (4.8 TB SSD) or 6 SFF slots with DVD and Tape Slot (depending on the backplane). The IBM 8202-E4D 6 and 8-core models support up to 380 TB of HDD or 342 TB Solid State Storage when attaching 5802 and 5887 EXP24S Expansion units. The 8202-E4D backplane options include the 5618 6 x 2.5-inch HDD or SSD/Media backplane or EJ01 8 x 2.5-inch HDD or SSD/Media backplane with Dual 175 MB Write Cache RAID and external SAS port.

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