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IBM 8284-22A S822 AIX Power8 Servers

IBM 8284-22A S822 AIX Power8 Servers

IBM 8284-22A S822 is latest Power8 AIX Server model capable of consolidating all your UNIX and x86 Linux workloads into a single virtualized environment for a very low price. The 8284-22A S822 Power8 AIX servers have massive multithreaded processors built for intensive database and high transaction environments. The IBM S822 system can have up to 20 Power8 cores that can each handle 8 hardware threads simultaneously, delivering over 2x faster CPU speeds for multithreaded tasks and 60% faster CPU speeds for single threaded applications. The Power8 8284-22A AIX servers can have up to 400 logical/micro partitions, support AIX 6.1 TL7-9, AIX 7.1 TL1-3 and AIX 7.2. The 8284-22A AIX server can have up to 2 Processor sockets, 1 TB of 1600 MHz DDR3 Memory, and 14.4 TB of internal disk capacity (417 TB total storage).

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IBM 8284-22A2 AIX server has a 10-Core Power8 (SMT8) 3.425 GHz processor, optimized f..
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The IBM 8284 22A3 AIX server has a 12 Core 2 ..
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IBM 8284-22A4 AIX server 20-Core Power8 (SMT8) 3.425 GHz 2 socket processor, optimized for mult..
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IBM 8284-22A1 AIX server 6-Core multithreaded (SMT8) 3.891 GHz Power8 processor, optimized for ..
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