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IBM iSeries Power7 8205 E6C

The IBM 8205 is the Power 740 Express server that can enable companies to spend more time running their business, utilizing proven solutions from thousands of ISVs that support the AIX, IBM i, and Linux operating systems. The Power 740 model (8205-E6C) provides enhancements that can be particularly beneficial to customers running applications driving very high I/O or memory requirements.

The IBM 8205 Power 740 Express Model E6C is particularly recommended when a solution requires high communications or I/O, or requires the maximum amount of memory available. PCIe Gen2 slots can transfer data at double the speed. The high data transfer rates offered by the PCIe Gen2 slots can allow higher I/O performance or consolidation of the I/O demands onto fewer adapters running at higher rates. This can result in better system performance at a lower cost when I/O demands are high. 

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