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Power7 8202-E4C Disk Drives

Power7 8202-E4C Disk Drives

The 8202-E4C 6-core and 8-core 720 iSeries Power7 Systems allow for up to 24 PCI-X slots or up to 20 PCIe slots in addition to the PCI slots in the system unit, allowing up to 380 disk drives to be attached. The 8202-E4C 4-core Model 720 Power7 system does not support the attachment of Expansion and Disk Drawers, except the expansion available in the system unit. The 8202-E4C 720 system unit SAS bays only support SAS SFF or SFF solid-state disk drives internally. The 3.5-inch HDD and SSD can be attached to the 8202-E4C via in a I/O expansion drawer. The Power7 model 720 has an integrated SAS or SATA controller for HDD, SSD, tape, or DVD with RAID 10 support, RAID 5 and Raid 6 is optionally available. A maximum 4.8TB of HDD or SSD Disk space is available in all 8202-E4C Power7 720 Systems internally.

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The IBM 1884-8202 69.7 GB 15K RPM SAS SFF Disk Drive for a Power7 iSeries E4C Model 720, h..
The 1888-8202 IBM 139GB 15K RPM SFF SAS Disk Drive for Power7 iSeries 8202-E4C has a rotational spee..
The 1911-8202 IBM 283GB 10K RPM SFF SAS Disk Drive for iSeries 8202-E4C Power7 systems has a rotatio..
The 1917-8202 IBM 146GB 15k RPM SAS SFF-2 Disk Drive for 8202-E4C Power7 AIX & Linux installs in..
The 1996-8202 IBM 177GB Solid State Drive (SSD) 1.8" Module with eMLC for Power7 iSeries 8202-E..
The 1787-8202 IBM 177GB Solid State Drive SSD SFF-1 SAS for iSeries Power7 8202-E4C, CCIN: 58B3. IBM..
The 1794-8202 177GB SFF-2 SAS Solid State Drive w/ eMLC (SSD) provides iSereis Power7 Systems with 1..
The IBM 1879-8202 283GB Disk Drive can be mounted in a 8202-E4C Gen-1 carrier and supported in ..
(#ES1A) - 387GB SFF-2 SSD for IBM iThis SFF (2.5") SAS Solid State Drive (SSD) is shipped f..
 The ES0D IBM 387GB SFF-2 SSD iSeries Disk Drive with eMLC is a SFF 2.5" SAS Solid Sta..