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iSeries and Power Controllers

iSeries and Power Controllers

All our IBM iSeries Power7, Power6 & Power5 System IOP and power Controllers are IBM Certified and eligible for new or existing IBM Maintenance Contracts. All iSeries Systems, iSeries Memory, iSeries Disk Drives and other IBM parts include warranty. Visit our AS400 page for older IBM 9406 Systems, AS400 Memory, AS400 Disk Drives and other features and parts. We provide very competitive new and refurbished pricing. Some IBM i IOP Controllers may only be available as new or refurbished. If your not sure what IBM iSeries IOP Controller you need, please contact us for assistance.

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(#5582) - 5738 Ctlr w/Auxiliary Write CacheProvides a disk controller with auxiliary write cache..
(#5592) - 4 Disk Slot Exp + ControllerThis 4 disk slot exp. and controller provides a disk ..
(#5739) - PCI-X EXP24 Ctlr-1.5GB w/IOPProvides an EXP24 disk controller with PCI-X DDR technol..
(#5775) - PCI-X Disk/Tape Ctlr-No IOPProvides a PCI-X Disk/Tape SCSI Controller with zero write ..
(#5781) - PCI-X EXP24 Ctlr-1.5GB w/IOPProvides an EXP24 disk controller with PCI-X DDR technolog..
(#5783) - PCI-X iSCSI HBA CopperThis feature provides a 1Gbps copper iSCSI target HBA, which is ..
5906 IBM PCI-X DDR 1.5 GB cache SAS RAID Adapter (FC 5904, 5906, 5908; CCIN 572F and 575C)The PC..
(#5913) - PCIe2 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS Adapter Tri-port 6Gb (Part Numbers: OUE7971, OUE7972, OUE9419, ..
(#EJ01) - Storage Backplane 8 SFF Bays/175MB RAID/Dual IOAThis feature provides a storage backpl..
(#EJ04) - GX++ Dual-port 12x Channel AttachGX++ Dual-port 12X Channel Adapter, provides two 12..
EL2N IBM PCIe LP 8 Gb 2-Port Fibre Channel Adapter (CCIN 577D)The FC EL2N is a low-profile adapt..
IBM EN0A PCIe2 16 Gb 2-port Fibre Channel Adapter (CCIN 577F)The PCIe2 16 Gb 2-port Fibre Channe..
(#ESA1) - PCIe2 RAID SAS Adapter Dual-port 6Gb The PCIe2 RAID SAS Adapter Dual-port 6Gb..
The IBM 5784 iSeries PCI-X iSCSI HBA Fiber feature provides a 1Gbps Fiber iSCSI target HBA thats use..