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IBM i Power5 595 LAN WAN

IBM i Power5 595 LAN WAN
All our IBM System i (Power5, Power6 & Power7), iSeries and AS400 LAN & WAN Adapters are IBM Certified and eligible for new or existing IBM Maintenance Contracts. All IBM Power Systems and parts include a limited warranty. We provide very competitive new and refurbished pricing.  Some items may only be available as new or refurbished.  If your not sure what you need, please contact us for assistance.
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(#2742) PCI Two-Line WAN IOA#2742 is a WAN IOA which supports up to two multiple protocol communicat..
(#2743) PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA(Feature #2743 Only available as REFURBISHED as of October 1, 2004..
(#2760) PCI 1Gbps Ethernet UTP IOA(Only available as REFURBISHED as of October 1, 2004) The #2760 PC..
(#2772, #2773) PCI Dual WAN/Modem Adapter(Only available as REFURBISHED as of June 1, 2006)&..
(#2793) PCI 2-Line WAN w/Modem#2793 is a PCI 2-line WAN w/Modem adapter feature. #2793 is the no..
(#2805, #2806) PCI Quad Modem IOAThis four-line WAN modem adapter, with four RJ-11 ports, supports V..
(#4838) PCI 100/10Mbps Ethernet IOA(Only available as REFURBISHED as of October 1, 2004)  Attac..
#5700 PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA The #5700 is a PCI-X IOA that allows an iSeries server to attach to IEE..
#5701 PCI 1Gbps Ethernet UTP IOA #5701 provides PCI-X attachment to IEEE standard 802.3ab high-speed..
#5721 PCI-X 10Gbps Ethernet-SR IOA Provides 10Gbps Ethernet server connection using a PCI-X DDR IOA...
IBM 2771 V.90 Two-port WAN IOA for iSeries AS400 systems has a V.90 integrated modem on port 1 and a..
(#2744) PCI 100Mbps Token-Ring IOAThe PCI 100Mbps Token-Ring IOA provides a single attachment to..