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iSeries 9406 820

iSeries 9406 820
Our AS400 and iSeries Model 820 Systems, Disk Drives, Memory and other IBM 9406 features are IBM Certified and eligible for IBM Maintenance Contracts. All 9406 AS400 and iSeries systems are in Used/Refurbished condition, but are tested and include warranty. View other IBM AS400 9406 models here or view newer IBM iSeries Power System Models here. Related iSeries Disk Drives, Memory are sorted by category using the above drop down menu. AS/400 systems are configured to your requirements. Please email your AS400 System specifications for price quotes or technical questions or use our Live Chat or call us Toll Free.
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iSeries 9406 820 Processors: 2395-1521 Server/Interactive CPW: 370 / 35 IBM Software Tier: P10 Main ..
iSeries 9406 820 Processors: 2395-1523 Server/Interactive CPW: 370 / 120 IBM Software Tier: P20 Main..
iSeries 9406 820 Processors: 2395-1524 Server/Interactive CPW: 370/240 IBM Software Tier: P20 Main S..
iSeries 9406 820 Processors: 2395-1522 Server/Interactive CPW: 370/70 IBM Software Tier: P20 Main St..