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Model 800

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(#2742) PCI Two-Line WAN IOA#2742 is a WAN IOA which supports up to two multiple protocol communicat..
(#2743) PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA(Feature #2743 Only available as REFURBISHED as of October 1, 2004..
(#2772, #2773) PCI Dual WAN/Modem Adapter(Only available as REFURBISHED as of June 1, 2006)&..
(#2793) PCI 2-Line WAN w/Modem#2793 is a PCI 2-line WAN w/Modem adapter feature. #2793 is the no..
(#2805, #2806) PCI Quad Modem IOAThis four-line WAN modem adapter, with four RJ-11 ports, supports V..
(#4838) PCI 100/10Mbps Ethernet IOA(Only available as REFURBISHED as of October 1, 2004)  Attac..
#5700 PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA The #5700 is a PCI-X IOA that allows an iSeries server to attach to IEE..
#5701 PCI 1Gbps Ethernet UTP IOA #5701 provides PCI-X attachment to IEEE standard 802.3ab high-speed..
IBM 2771 V.90 Two-port WAN IOA for iSeries AS400 systems has a V.90 integrated modem on port 1 and a..
(#2744) PCI 100Mbps Token-Ring IOAThe PCI 100Mbps Token-Ring IOA provides a single attachment to..