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Model 800

Model 800
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The IBM 6593-9406 iSeries 4-Disk Slot Expansion provides an enclosure that can contain up to 4 Ultra..
(#0551) iSeries RackThis feature provides an empty 1.8 meter rack with 36 EIA units of total space f..
(#0553) iSeries 2.0m IBM Rack#0553 is a 19-inch, 2.0-meter-high rack with 42 EIA units of total spac..
Provides a 19-inch, .6 meter (24-inch) high rack with 11 EIA units of total space for installing rac..
#0555 provides a 19-inch, 1.3 meter (49-inch) high rack with 25 EIA units of total space for install..
(#0588) PCI-X Expansion Unit in Rack(Only available as REFURBISHED as of June 1, 2006) #0588 is the ..
(#0595) PCI-X Tower Unit in RackFeature #0595 is the racked version of the #5095 PCI-X Expansion Tow..
#5090 PCI Expansion Drawer (4 EIA Units, 6 PCI blind-Supported on the following systems: 270, 520, ..
(#5094) PCI-X Expansion TowerI/O capability for iSeries systems. The #5094 has 15 disk unit slots, w..
(#5095) - PCI-X Expansion TowerThe #5095 is a stand-alone (desk side) PCI-X Expansion Tower which pr..
(#5096) - PCI-X Exp Tower (no disk)#5096 is an I/O expansion tower that has 14 PCI slots. It does no..
(#5294) 1.8m I/O Tower#5294 has space for up to 90 disk units, 28 PCI-X IOA/IOP slots and up to four..