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AS400 9406 740 Disk Drives

AS400 9406 740 Disk Drives
IBM AS400 Disk Drives (iSeries DASD) are IBM Certified and eligible for new or existing IBM Maintenance Contracts. All refurbished IBM 9406 AS/400 Disk Drives are tested and include warranty. Go to our iSeries Disk Drive page for IBM POWER i Series Disk Drives or our AS400 Disk Drive page for other IBM 9406 DASD. IBM Banding can also be provided upon request. Some IBM iSeries Disk Drives and other features may only be available as used/refurbished or new. If your not sure what you need, please contact us for assistance. We also provide onsite installation and support services.
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4.19GB of disk capacity and an Ultra SCSI interface.  #4308 is supported on: #5074/#5079 when ..
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IBM 4314 8.58GB Disk Drive with a Ultra SCSI interface 7200 RPM Data-Rate (40mb/s), 2-byte..
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(#4317) - 8.58GB 10k rpm Disk Unit 10,000 RPM Disk Unit with 8.58GB capacity and an Ultra-2 SCSI int..
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(#4318) - 17.54GB 10k rpm Disk Unit #4318 is a 10,000 RPM disk unit with 17.54GB capacity and an Ult..
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(#4324) 17.54GB Disk Unit (Only available as REFURBISHED as of January 31, 2001) #4324 is a 7,200 ..
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