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ibm i profile swap

  • IBM i Profile Swap and Adopted Authority Policies

    Using Profile Swaps and Adopted Authority policies for IBM i temporary elevated authority requirements is a great idea for reducing the number of powerful profiles on the iSeries, especially if most users only need privileged access for short periods of time to perform specific tasks, like using the command line, changing a production file with DFU, STRSQL or other applications. There are times when a Profile Swap will make sense versus using the Adopted Authority of a target profile, but odds are your IBM i has too many users with special authorities they do not need. Many IBM i shops have a very long list of powerful profiles with special authorities and command line access that should be removed. Special authorities should be given out on a “as needed” basis, or reflect the user responsibilities on the system.  If and when a task at hand requires elevated authority, let the profile swap or adopted authority policy to its job.