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Why Nutanix HCI is the ideal VM platform for Splunk SIEM

Nutanix-Product-Shot-3 Why Nutanix HCI is the ideal VM platform for Splunk SIEM
Most SIEM environments rely on a plethora of different servers, storage arrays, hypervisors and network interconnects to support their rapidly growing SOC environments. Likewise, most SIEMs also all have the same issues and concerns about performance, costs and time required to provision and manage storage growth. The primary problem is, the entire infrastructure the SIEM relies on is not integrated or even truly virtualized under a single unified architecture. As a result, administrators are stuck in a never ending battle of upgrading and adding more traditional technology for the same problems, and security analysts are constantly waiting for searches to complete until more resources are made available. The definition of “crazy” comes to mind. The solution? A hyperconverged infrastructure! You should consider and investigate all players in the HCI market place, but this article will be focusing on the proven leader, Nutanix. The Nutanix HCI for Enterprise Cloud can provide SIEM security analysts many times faster search results and administrators with a more scalable and economical infrastructure to grow a SIEM with minimal capex expenses. All SIEM deployments have three key bottlenecks to constantly monitor that affect event log ingestion, searching and retention. This article will explain the advantages of using Nutanix HCI Enterprise Cloud for Splunk, and addresses the common performance and cost issues that affect all SIEMs. Nutanix virtualizes all aspects of the hardware, delivering the most efficient use of all system resources that other VM solutions cannot provide for Splunk SIEM environments. The Nutanix HCI solution has a distributed architecture that shares all infrastructure resources and prevents any workload from depleting another node’s resources. It does not need or rely on expensive SAN, NAS storage, RAID groups or network switches. Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric enables SIEM indexers and collectors to process data locally, monitors data access paths and places data in the optimal location and automatically moves hot, warm, cold and frozen data to the appropriate internal and external storage resources. The most frequently used data is access from the local node of VM memory and flash, providing maximum performance. Unlike other storage systems that will experience significant I/O bottlenecks,...
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