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Nutanix Hardware for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

nutanix-hardware-lenovo-hc_20190427-171927_1 Nutanix Hardware for HCI Lenovo
A hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) uses software to virtualize all server and storage resources for streamlining, automating and maximizing IT resources and operations for a variety of complex, compute-intensive Databases, VDI, Microsoft, Business Applications, Cloud, Big Data, SIEM, SYSLOG and other x86 environments. HCI virtualization solutions significantly reduce operating and licensing costs, provide predictable performance, provide up to 2.8 times storage gains and enables long-term flexibility and scalability. The HCI software defined infrastructure model addresses almost every IT challenge facing companies today, including:Improving IT staff productivityImproving operational efficiencyReducing capital expensesReducing operating expensesImproving backup/recoveryImproving resource utilizationData center consolidationThe value of hyper converged infrastructure solutions lies in moving away from a legacy hardware architecture consisting of multiple generations of servers, operating systems, hypervisors and storage devices from multiple vendors, to a more available, modernized solution that is software defined, cloud-like and an all-encompassing ecosystem. Some hyper converged infrastructure solutions have partnered with hardware vendors to provide an out of the box, ready to deploy hyper converged infrastructure that can enable deployment up to 85% faster. The industry’s leading HCI vendor Nutanix, partnered with the enterprise server leader Lenovo as its key hardware vendor, which offers the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series, a best in breed, all-in-one HCI solution with preloaded software defined storage licenses, hypervisors, consolidated maintenance and support. ThinkAgile Software for HX pairs Nutanix HCI solutions, Prism and Acropolis, with Lenovo server management solutions XClarity and ThinkAgile Network Administrator, to deliver single click provisioning, upgrades, management, software and firmware updates, and centralized monitoring of entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Most importantly, Nutanix virtualizes all cluster resources to work as a single, optimized and efficient system, eliminating the challenges of managing multiple interfaces. Every HCI system depends on reliable, performance capable, scalable servers to ensure critical business processes run smoothly and without interruption, which makes the Nutanix Lenovo marriage perfect. Lenovo Intel based x86 servers have been rated #1 for reliability for the last five years in a row, has the highest customer satisfaction rating and holds the world record for virtualization performance. Lenovo’s ThinkAgile HX Series servers harness many highly functional features for...
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