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IBM HMC Model Specifications and Comparisons

The IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) is a virtual hardware appliance used to manage and monitor IBM i, AIX and Linux server workloads running on Power9, Power8, Power7, Power6 and Power5 Systems. The IBM HMC uses built in terminal emulation software to connect and control Power system resources, services, virtualization features and order Capacity Upgrade on Demand. The IBM HMC can consolidate the monitoring and management of all Power systems in a company’s infrastructure that is supported by the HCM code. Every HCM model supports different Power system models based on the version of HMC code. For instance, the latest HCM models 7063-CR1, 7042-CR9, CR8, CR7, OE1 and OE2 all support Power9, Power8 and Power7 systems when running V9R1 HMC code, but not do not support IBM Power6 system models. If same the HMC has V8.8.7 code installed (which does not support Power9 system models), the HCM can also connect and manage Power6 systems. Similar to the HMC virtual hardware appliance, customers may choose to use HMC functions on a PowerVM-based environment running on a PowerLinux LPAR and using PowerVM NovaLink software. The IBM HMC hardware appliance and the PowerVM NovaLink features function the same as the HMC appliance. The PowerVM NovaLink uses a cloud architecture, that provides a direct OpenStack connection to a PowerVM server running on a PowerLinux partition. IBM provides upgrades for HMC code for each model, which can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central. The latest IBM HMC appliance model specifications and comparisons are provided in the below chart, and should be considered before upgrading your IBM Power system or purchasing a HMC. IBM HMC Model Specifications and Comparisons (in Newest to Oldest order)HMC ModelHMC CodePower GenerationProcessorMemoryDisk SpaceEthernetUSB PCI-XPCIePCI7063-CR1V9R1 M9xxPower9, 8 & 72.095 GHz32 GB4 TB547063-CR1V8.8.7Power8, 7 & 67042-OE2V9R1 M9xxPower9, 8 & 77042-OE2V8.8.7Power8, 7 & 67042-OE1V9R1 M9xxPower9, 8 & 77042-OE1V8.8.7Power8, 7 & 67042-CR9V8.8.7Power9, 8 & 72.4 GHz16 GB.5 TB or 1 TB4617042-CR9V8.8.7Power8, 7 & 67042-CR9V8.8.6Power8, 7 & 67042-CR9V8.8.5Power8, 7 & 67042-CR9V8.8.4Power8, 7 & 67042-CR8V9R1 M9xxPower9, 8 & 72 GHz8 GB500 GB46117042-CR8V8.8.7Power8, 7 & 67042-CR8V8.8.6Power8, 7 & 67042-CR8V8.8.5Power8, 7 & 67042-CR8V8.8.4Power8, 7 & 67042-CR8V8.8.3Power8, 7 & 67042-CR8V8.8.2Power8, 7 &...
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