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IBM Power Systems: End of Summer Sale

The IBM Power Systems End of Summer Sale is here! All prices for refurbished IBM i, AIX and Linux Power8, Power7 and Power6 Systems, Processor upgrades, Enterprise SSD, Hard Disk Drives, Memory and Parts have been slashed from now until September 23rd. All purchases made after using our website “send pricing” feature will have the invoice number entered into a raffle drawing for an Amazon Echo Show 5. All IBM Power System hardware includes warranty, is gauranteed IBM manufactured and eligible for existing IBM maintence and support agreements. Below are some examples of IBM Power Systems, Disk Drives, Memory, Tape Drives, Storage and other features on sale starting today.
IBM Power8 Systems & Processor Upgrades
8286-41A - EPX6, EPX0, EPXK
8286-42A - EPXH, EPXF, EPXE
8247-21L - ELPD, ELP3
IBM Power7 Systems & Processor Upgrades
8202-E4B - 8352, 8351, 8350
8202-E4C - EPC7EPC6EPC5
8205-E6B - 8347, 8353, 8354, 8355
8205-E6C - EPC9, EPC8, EPCA, EPCB
IBM Power6 Systems & Processor Upgrades
8203-E4A - 5633, 5634, 5635, 5577, 5587
IBM Enterprise SSD (EMLC4 - Fourth Generation)
387GB SFF-3 ES7L (5B19 00LY324)
387GB SFF-3 ES8P (5B13 00LY333)
775GB SFF-3 ES8R (5B14 00LY334)
IBM Enterprise SSD (EMLC3 - Third Generation)
387GB SFF-1 ES10 (58B8 74Y9524)
387GB SFF-1 ES17 (59BE 00E8692)
387GB SFF-2 ES19 (58B9 74Y9526)
387GB SFF-1 ES11 (58B8 74Y9524)
387GB SFF-2 ES1A (58B9 74Y9526)
775GB SFF-1 ES0E, ES0F (59C0 00E8702)
775GB SFF-2 ES0G, ES0H (59C2 00E8709)
IBM Enterprise SSD (EMLC2 - Second Generation)
387GB SFF-1 ES0A, ES0B (58B8 74Y9524)
387GB SFF-2 ES0C, ES0D (58B9 74Y9526)
IBM Mainstream SSD (Read Intensive)
1.9TB SFF-3 ES8K (5B20 00LY374)
15K Hard Disk Drives
600GB SFF-3 ELDF (59E4 00E9914)
283GB SFF-3 ESDA (59E0 00E9906)
300GB SFF-3 ESDB (59E0 00E9906)
571GB SFF-3 ESDE (59E4 00E9908)
600GB SFF-3 ESDF (59E5 00E9974)
571GB SFF-2 ESDN (59CF 00E8660)
283GB SFF-2 ESEY (59C9 00E8681)
283GB SFF-3 ESFA (59E1 00E9966)
571GB SFF-3 ESFE (59E5 00E9968)
10K Hard Disk Drives
1.14 TB SFF-1 ESD0 (59C8 00E8606 00E8605 00D5344)
1.2TB SFF-3 ESD8 (59C8 00E8614)
IBM Power8 Main Storage
16 GB DDR4 Memory EM91 (31EC 00VK252 00VK248)
32 GB DDR4 Memory EM92 (31ED 00VK296)
64 GB DDR4 Memory EM93 (31EE 00VK306)
128 GB DDR4 Memory EM94 (31EF 00VK351)
256 GB DDR4 Memory EM95 (31FC 00VK242 00VK243)
16 GB DDR4 Memory EM96 (31EC 00VK252 00VK248)
32 GB DDR4 Memory EM97 (31ED 00VK292)
64 GB DDR4 Memory EM98 (31EE 00VK306)
16 GB DDR3 Memory EM83 (31E8 00VK193)
32 GB DDR3 Memory EM84 (31E9 00VK195)
64 GB DDR3 Memory EM85 (31E2 00LP744)
128 GB DDR3 Memory EM8E (31EB 00VK198)
16 GB DDR3 Memory EM8B, EL3P (31E0 31E8 00VK192 00VK193 00LP781 00JA660)
32 GB DDR3 Memory EM8C (31E9 00VK195 00VK194)
64 GB DDR3 Memory EM8D (31EA 00VK196 00VK197)
128GB DDR3 Memory EM8E (31EB 00VK198)
IBM Power7 Main Storage
4 GB (2 x 2 GB) DDR3 Memory EM04 (31F8 78P1011)
8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3 Memory EM08 (31F3 78P0554)
8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3 Memory EM16 (4527 31F4 77P8632 78P0555)
32GB (2x 16GB) DDR3 Memory EM32 (31F5 78P0639)
16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3 Memory EM4B (31FA 78P1914)
32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR3 Memory EM4C (31FB 78P1915)
64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR3 Memory EM4D (31F7 78P1539)
Memory Riser Card EM01 (2C1C 00E0638)
8 GB (2x4 GB) DDR3 Memory 4526 (31C5 77P8784)
16 GB (2x8 GB) DDR3 Memory 4527 (77P8632 31C8)
16 GB (2x8 GB) DDR3 Memory 4529 (31D2 31F4 77P8919)
32 GB (2x16 GB) DDR3 Memory 4528 (31C9 77P8633)
Memory Riser Card 5604 (51CC 46K7514)
IBM Power6 Main Storage
4 GB (2x2048MB) Memory 4532 (31AC 77P8030)
8 GB DDR2 4477 (313E 12R9616)
8 GB (2x4096MB) Memory 4523 (31A6 77P6500)
16 GB DDR1 Memory 4450 (30AC 12R9276 16R0711)
16 GB (2x8192MB) Memory 4524 (31A8 77P7504)