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Elevated authority policies is a great solution to solve compliance and auditor requirements, and truly affect the overall security posture of the IBM i. Profile swapping and adopted authority policies can be used by user groups, group profiles, supplemental groups, a menu and via the command line. Alternatively, elevated authority policies can be initiated by a user request, ticketing systems, manually granted, emergency cases, according to date and time range parameters, and can incorporate various other requirements such as IP address, job name, duration, status and severity.

Detailed job logs, audit logs using QAUDJRN and database journals are created for elevated authority, can capture screens, send alerts and create reports in PDF, HTML and CSV formats to track all elevated authority activities.

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Key Features

  • Offers users a fast and easy process for requesting authority
  • Allows authority requests to be granted manually or automatically based on rules
  • Enables powerful rules to be defined for source and target profiles based on group profiles, supplemental groups, lists of users and command line access
  • Rules determine the context around which a request can be granted, including day of the week, date range, time range, job name, IP address, IASP and more
  • Rules define whether *SWAP or *ADOPT methods are used for elevating authority
  • Provides a *JOB option that logs all user activity without changing the user’s authorities
  • Supports external processes connecting through ODBC, JDBC, DRDA and FTP
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of activities from elevated profiles based on multiple sources, including job logs, screen captures, exit points, and system and database journals
  • Supports management from a graphical console or full-featured 5250 menus
  • Displays currently elevated users and duration of elevation in a graphical dashboard
  • Provides ability to drill into logs of statements executed and view screen captures of activity
  • Able to enrich job logs with SQL statements, FTP functions and critical commands
  • Allows rules management to be delegated with a complete audit trail
  • Delivers alerts on events, such as exceeding authorized time, via e-mail, popup or syslog
  • Logs and reports on all requests with customizable filters
  • Produces reports in PDF, XLS or CSV formats
  • Can be integrated with external helpdesk solutions for ticket management
  • Able to interface with leading SIEM consoles
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