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iSeries Security NEWS

Posted by techhelp 25/02/2017 0 Comment(s) iSeries,

Enforcive Releases Cross-Platform Compliance Product

(Hackensack, New Jersey and Herzliyah, Israel- October 2, 2014) Enforcive, a leading provider of cross platform security software, announced the release of Enforcive Cross-Platform Compliance (CPC) solution covering Windows, Linux, MS SQL, Oracle, AIX and IBM i.

CPC offers an intuitive toolset to check whether existing IT configurations are compliant with organizational and/or regulatory policies. It helps an organization create, document and maintain a clear security policy for its IT environment. The CPC allows an organization to define policies into templates. These templates can then be run to check for compliance in the IT environment of the organization. The output of the CPC is a log of policy deviations and deviation reports. Policy deviations can be enforced on the spot or through a scheduled job.

Security and IT personnel are often required to manually check if the settings within their IT environments are in accordance with the policies of their 
organization. This is a task that is cumbersome, error prone and above all, time consuming. Adding to the workload is the need to run such checks across a large number of different server platforms and databases. 

The CPC automates all this activity whether it is checking the password settings for a group of users, the authorities of users to a folder containing credit card data, privileged user’s settings, etc. What would otherwise require time consuming configuration on each individual system can now all be done through an automated process. As a result, CPC provides organizations with the capability to have a single Enterprise-wide security policy across multiple platforms and systems.

After the success of the Policy Compliance Manager for IBM i (AS400), which is used by hundreds of customers worldwide, Enforcive decided to develop the Cross-Platform Compliance product for other server platforms and databases using a similar methodology. The CPC is available for Windows, Linux, MS SQL, Oracle, AIX and IBM i. Coverage of additional operating systems and databases has been planned.

Through the CPC Report Generator reports can quickly be defined in accordance with the requirements of major regulations like PCI DSS, SOX and standards like COBIT and ISO. Compliance reports can be scheduled to be sent automatically by email to a defined group of users whenever a relevant compliance check has been completed.

CPC deviation logs are collected in a central log allowing for cross platform deviation correlation and reporting. The CPC is also tightly integrated with the Cross-Platform Audit (CPA) solution, the log management product of Enforcive. This enables an organization to quickly find the activities that caused a deviation of a configuration from the required policies.

"Regulatory compliance has had a major impact on IT departments of our customers", says Shimon Bouganim, CEO of Enforcive. "Many organizations had to assign significant IT resources to this subject and even to establish departments dedicated to assuring the regulatory compliance. By providing comparisons between the IT environment and required policy, the CPC has automated proving the controls required by regulations. As such the CPC can generate major savings in time spent on compliance efforts. It also enables organizations to refocus IT personnel on other crucial responsibilities within the organization."

For information about Enforcive Cross-Platform Compliance solution please click the link below to download the full overview. 

Solution Overview: http://go.enforcive.com/l/5442/2013-06-11/tjc21

About Enforcive:

Enforcive provides comprehensive security solutions to help businesses reduce workloads satisfy auditors and improve responsiveness to security threats. For over two decades, Enforcive has been providing solutions within mission critical environments using platforms including IBM i, System z, 
Unix, Linux, and Windows. Our expertise and commitment to innovation enables us to offer the best of breed solutions to our customers.

Enforcive Cross-Platform Audit™ (CPA):
The Cross-Platform Audit (CPA) is an Enterprise Log Management and Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) tool, for organizations running disparate servers and database platforms. The CPA consolidates and correlates platform-specific audit events in a single log and makes them available to 
system administrators and auditors in an easy-to-use interface. 

Enforcive Enterprise Security™ for IBM i:
Enterprise Security for IBM i is a comprehensive security and compliance management solution for IBM's Power i (AS400). With intuitive GUI-controlled security, field encryption, reporting and compliance modules, this software suite enables system administrators and auditors to easily manage security and compliance tasks efficiently and effectively. Enforcive Enterprise Security has been synonymous with ease of use, providing security and compliance solutions within mission critical environments.

For additional information about Enforcive, please visit www.midlandinfosys.com/enforcive.


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