The Power 720 Express server is designed to bring the performance and reliability of POWER7+ to your small and distributed business needs. The Power 720 Express model (8202-E4D) offers:

-Powerful 64-bit POWER7+ processors that offer 4-, 6-, and 8-core configuration options

-Memory capacity increased up to 512 GB of memory with optional memory riser card, optionally augmented with POWER7+ hardware accelerated Active Memory Expansion

-Up to two optional PCIe I/O drawers adding up to 20 PCIe slots

-Rich I/O options in the system unit:
   -Five PCIe x8 Gen2 slots in the system unit
   -An additional four PCIe x8 Gen2 Low-Profile slots available as an option
   -Four-port 1 Gb Ethernet adapter (#5899) in a special PCIe x4 slot
   -Eight hard disk drive (HDD)/solid-state drive (SSD) SAS SFF (small form-factor) bays; up to 7.2 TB (HDD) or 4.8 TB (SSD)
   -Optional slimline DVD-RAM
   -Half-high bay for tape or removable drive
   -Integrated SAS/SATA controller for HDD/SSD/tape/DVD
   -Four-port 1 Gb Ethernet adapter (#5899)

-Four-and 6-pack SSD features that can be ordered with a new server

-EnergyScale technology

-Tower or rack-mount configuration