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IBM 3580 H23 Ultrium 2 Single External HVD SCSI Tape Drive..
The IBM 3573-L32 TS3100 LTO3 Tape Library Express Model and TS3200 Tape Library Express Models use t..
The IBM Power6 8203-E4A (#3707) 30GB 1/4-Inch Cartridge TapeThe #3707 is a 30GB 1/4-Inch Cartridge T..
#4263 Direct Attach Tape Cables (520/550/570) Supported on the following systems: ..
3570-C02 Magstar MP Tape Subsytem stand alone with dual drives ..
The IBM 3584 TS3500 Tape Library Model L53 is a base frame designed for IBM TS1030 LTO Ultrium Fibre..
(#2765) PCI Fibre Channel Tape Controller(Only available as REFURBISHED as of October 1, 2004) #2765..
IBM TS3100 Tape Library Express Model..
IBM i Power 6, 8204 (#5757) IBM 4.7 GB IDE Slimline DVD-RAM Drive(Refurbished Condition Only as of M..
IBM 3580 L23 Ultrium 2 Single External LVD SCSI Tape Drive..
Tandberg Data LTO-3 HH 3510Enterprise features and performance in a small form factor Capacity: 800/..
The IBM Power6 8203-E4A (#3708) 50GB 1/4-Inch Cartridge TapeMounted in a removable media device slot..
50 GB � Inch Cartridge Tape (520)..
3570-C11 Magstar MP Tape Subsystem with rack mount ..
#1889 VXA-2 80GB Tape (520) 550..
IBM TS3100 Tape Library Express Model..
IBM i Power 6, 8204 (#5646) Blind Swap Type III Cassette- PCIe, Short SlotThis feature contains a bl..
The IBM 3580 Ultrium 3 Tape Drive Model L33 incorporates the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) IBM TotalStorage..